Credit Check


In today’s world we all strive to be the best, look the best and certainly have the best, but having the best comes at a pretty hefty price most people aren’t willing to pay, literally. According to, the average credit score in America is 695 which isn’t too bad considering the highest is 850. Now I’m no credit genius nor am I a certified credit consultant but I do know a thing or two about credit and how to get the life we are all worthy of having.


First things first.

a.) Stop ignoring phone calls

Ignoring bill collectors phone calls doesn’t help. By answering the calls you can actually make things better and get them to cut you a deal to lower your debt and end of not paying back as much as you originally spent.

b.) Start gathering up all your bills in one. 

Sort out all your bills to see what debt you have. By doing this you can see what’s priority and what can be held off for a little while as you work your way out of this situation.

c.) Once you have all your debt in order start making calls and making payment arrangements. This will allow you to set up how much you want to pay on your terms. This can help show a history of consistency, dedication and responsibility.

d.) Begin to rebuild your credit. Now that you have somewhat wiggled your way out of this mess, apply for a secured credit card. Ease into this slowly with a small down payment ranging from fifty to five hundred dollars. This way if anything goes wrong as far as unable to pay or job loss you can easily catch up on payments.

Now that you have established a better credit history, maintain it by staying under 30% and try your hardest to pay more than the minimum ON TIME! By doing this creditors will want to send credit cards your way and lenders will want to lend you money.


Now that you have a clear understanding of how to work your way to financial freedom, you can be on your way to getting all the things you want and dream of in life. Always keep in mind those new pair of shoes will be there, choose to pay your bill so you can have a peace of mind and buy multiple pairs of shoes when the time comes.