FRI-YAY; Tips On How To Spend Your Friday Nights!

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TGIF! It’s Fri-YAY, the day some of us have been waiting for all week, which also marks the start of our weeeeekend too. 

We like to call it Fri-YAY, not Friday because Fri-YAY’s are for fun, family, and friends! It’s not a coincidence they all start with "F" right? Everyone likes to spend their Fri-Yay’s in plenty of different ways. Some seek that work/play balance. So if they have been working hard all week, they like to play even harder during the weekend. For others, they prefer to wind down on the weekends, and there are those who like to do a little bit of both! If you been out all week, and you rather be home tonight though and don’t want to play as hard as you worked, your fun isn’t limited. Here are some fun & simple activities you can partake in, to keep the YAY in your Fri-YAY! 

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1.    RNR- Relaxation and Rest. Resting revitalize our energy, preparing us for whatever tasks we are going to have to do next. Silence your phone if possible, cut off the tv, get you an eye mask, and simply sleep like a baby, without an ounce of guilt or worry.

2.    Parents. If you are a parent, arrange for a babysitter for the night or try doing an activity you and the kids can enjoy together. 

3.     Soak away the stress. Having a lot of obligations can be challenging at times and usually, we don’t take the time to pause in between them. By the time we do pause, our bodies are exhausted. We can’t function without a healthy body, which makes obtaining all of our goals happen physically. So run yourself a warm bath, get some bath bombs to put in there, light some candles, and play some soothing music, while imagining all that stress, tension, and fatigue being soaked away in the water. 

4.    Meditate. Sometimes there is so much chit-chatter in the world and in our busy lives, that our own inner voice starts to sound like background noise. We have to stay connected to that center, so taking some time to reflect on our week, to prepare for our upcoming week, and hear our own voice again helps us to stay in an alignment with who we are and what our purpose is. 

5.    Work it out. You may want to give your body that boost of energy. Get into that mountain pose, on that yoga mat, take a Salsa, Hip-Hop class, etc or create a playlist of some of your favorite songs that you won’t have to hit the skip button on, at home and move that body girl 💃.

6.    Try a new recipe. If you enjoy cooking or are still learning, cook your favorite meal, or even try whipping up something new. You may be home, alone, anyway, so who cares if it doesn’t turn out exactly how the recipe says 😉. Bon Appetit!  

7.    Take a class in an area of interest. If you don’t mind getting off the couch or out of bed on Fri-YAY, go take a class on that thing you say you are interested in, that they are offering that night, when you have nothing else to do. Whether it be dance, painting, cooking, writing, etc. You never know who you could meet, or what you could learn.

8.    Learn something new. If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home, research that topic, idea or thing you want to be more educated on, or just browse the internet on things you have a general curiosity for. Knowledge is power! 

9.    Work on your 5-9. If you work a 9-5 job, but that’s not what you are passionate about, carve out some time to get a step closer to your personal goals. They won’t accomplish themselves. 

10.    Do some Spring 🌼 cleaning. Finally throw away some of those papers you let pile up on your dresser, or any clothes and shoes overcrowding the inside of your dressers and closet. Sort it out and pack it up, to give away to someone who may be in need of them. 

11.    Get hooked on that book. You know that book you keep saying your going to read but haven’t read yet? Or picked it up, put it back down and haven’t opened it back up since? Yeah, that book! Grab a warm blanket, a drink, and snack of your choice, quiet the environment around you, and get lost in it for a while.

12.    Catch up on your favorite shows or movies. Put on your cozy pajamas, turn on your tv, snuggle under your covers, and watch your favorite tv shows and movies until you pass out and get that relaxation sleep you need!  

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