2018 Traveler’s Guide: Where to Go & How to Prepare

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Let’s face it, most of us have ‘travel more’ on our bucket lists, but have yet to actually do so. Whether it’s where to go, where to stay or how to even get there, we keep making excuses for why we don’t get out of our towns more. Well travel bugs, look no further because your girl has got you covered. Below you’ll find a few awesome travel destinations, apps, and tips that’ll get you out of the house and on your way to that dream vacation. 


1.    Los Angeles, California

I can personally say that this winter has turned me off to cold weather for probably the rest of my life. Also as a Jersey Girl who’s never been to the West Coast, LA seems like a dream city (especially since people in LA think 60 degrees is cold.) So for anyone else who may be tired of the cold or itching to swim in the Pacific ocean, LA is the perfect destination who’s looking to explore without leaving the country.

2.    Albufeira, Portugal

If you’ve been itching for a tropical destination that won’t break the bank, try Portugal’s southern coastal city of Albufeira. With beautiful beaches, delicious food and enough to do that everyone will be satisfied, you’ll feel relaxed and will be able to soak up the sun, without spending as much money as you would in Lisbon or Porto. 

3.    Lima, Peru

The most expensive part about this trip...is the flight (but always be on the lookout for great flight deals!). Once that’s over, this beautiful South American city gives you a little bit of everything to do. With great views, delicious fruits and it being a short plane ride away from Cusco and Machu Picchu, you’ll never be bored in Peru.

4.    London, England

Now, your girl may be a little biased because this is my favorite city, but you can’t go wrong with this destination. You’ll get arts, culture, music, entertainment and delicious food you’d never imagine you’d try. The public transportation is easy to navigate and everything you want to see is close to each other and there are new adventures down every street. 

5.    Roadtrip it up!

I get it, sometimes we all can’t afford to fly out of the country, or even out of state. So what better way to see something new than to take a road trip? Whether you’re driving from coast to coast or the nearest beach, an adventure doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go far away. 


1.    Eat like the locals do

I understand you’re on vacation, but there’s no need to ball out for every meal! Whether in the country or out of it, eat a few fancy meals, but other than that, try the local spots (they’re sometimes better than the fancy restaurants!)

2.    Off-season traveling is a life saver

Check when it’s peak season to travel to your destination. You could save so much money going when it’s off-season, from your accommodations, to food, and even on excursions. 

3.    Two words: Public Transportation

It may seem like a great idea to Uber everywhere, but they add up quickly. My suggestion would be to Uber to and from the airport (if applicable) and try using public transportation when possible. It’s cheaper, you get to see more of the city’s personality, and it’s eco-friendly!

4.    Travel Groups

Sometimes booking a trip through a travel group is the best and most cost-efficient way to travel. You get the most important aspects included (travel, accommodation) and if you’re a solo traveler you get to meet some other travelers along the way. 

Apps & Sites

1.    Hopper

Hopper is a flight tracking app that’ll give you the best time to travel to different locations, even if you don’t have a place in mind! It even gives you secret flight deals from time to time that can save you hundreds of dollars.

2.    Student Universe

Though it works best for those who are between 18 and 25, Studentuniverse offers flight deals for students and young adults who have a case of wanderlust. 

3.    Google Flights

Okay, we’ve all curiously checked out flights from here to there, just to see how much they would cost. You can track flights and get emails when prices go up and down in case you’re not quite sure when to book your flight. 

4.    Duolingo

When traveling to a foreign country where you don’t know the language, it’s smart to learn a few sentences in case of an emergency. 

5.    Groupon! 

If you’re looking for fun and cheap things to do at your destination, check Groupon! You can find great things to do locally, and sometimes, those are the best memories.

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Now that you’ve got your tips and your destinations, get packing and tag us in those fire IG pics!


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