Guest Article: The Importance Of Social Media Screening


Featured Article from Guest Contributor: FAMA

It has become a popular way to hire employees, and social media screening is a great way to ensure that you are making the right decision about locations for employees. In some cases, it is important to learn how to screen based on their work experience, their age, and their use of social media. However, most of the employees being hired into the mid-level range are people between the ages of 30 and 49. There is a bit of fluctuation in this age range, especially when it comes to social media and screening. It can be difficult to group them, and even from the standpoint of hiring, these people are expected to handle more responsibility. This might change the expectations of their online social media screening of their public profiles.

Since these mid-level employees are young enough to understand and use all forms of social media, they are also old enough to understand the consequences of their profiles, photos, and updates, especially in the hiring process. Younger adults, like those who are right out of college, often get a pass for their social media posts. However, if someone in a middle age range posts the same sort of pictures, they may face severe consequences when it comes to hiring. It is important to always observe the patterns of the frequency of their inappropriate or questionable posts on social media. This includes all social media posts, photos, and actions on all social media sites. It can be helpful to screen them to see how they are as a developed person and whether they would be right for the job.

This group is also difficult to analyze because of the expectations that we put on them during the hiring process. We expect them to have a much higher degree of leadership or responsibility both vocally and action-wise in the office. This can relate back to social media, especially if their profiles are full of curse words or other suggestive content because it might worry you that they might produce a toxic environment in your company. You might even be less forgiving of these employees.

While they may have a smaller footprint when it comes to social media, midlevel employees are struck with higher expectations for maturity and leadership in the office. Social media screening can effectively analyze potential midlevel employees’ public profiles before hiring them to give employers a deeper background check.

No matter what level of employee you are trying to hire, you need to be consistent in your hiring practices, including your social media screening practices. Fama, a website that helps with social media screening for your company, can help you maintain that consistency that you are looking for, helping you notice those red flags that might come up when screening a candidate for the position. Through the use of their Flag Kits, you can create specific screening criteria that match the things that your company considers relevant.

Social media screening works similar to social media background checks. You can easily see how people act when they aren’t sitting in the office facing an interview. Social media can tell you a lot about a person, and if you are trying to hire someone for your company, you will want to know as much about a candidate as possible. Social media checks can give you the information you need to find the right employees for your company.

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