Apple Reveals New iPhones

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“Sometimes people take technology for granted.”

The moment all Apple fans have been waiting for is here! Apple has announced the new products scheduled to release this year. The annual keynote press conference was held for the first time ever at the Steve Jobs Theater.  Here are some of the Apple products that will be released:

Photo Credit: Apple

Photo Credit: Apple

iWatch iOS 4

-An enhance heart rate app. With two new heart rate features that will include “Resting up rate” and “recovery heart rate”; in which will focus on your hearts rhythm.

-Daily inspiration and Monthly Challenge features to motivate you with workouts.

-More music, the new iOS will allow 40 million songs.

-New Siri Complication.

-New Faces: Kaleidoscope and Toy Story characters.

iOS 4 will be available for download on September 19th.

iWatch Series 3

-Cellular built in, which means you can go anywhere with your Apple iWatch without needing to carry your phone.

-Swim proof.

-New Dual processor which makes it really fast

-More efficient for wifi and bluetooth

-Will be the same size as series 2

Two versions will be available on 9/22:

GPS $329.00

GPS + Cellular $399.00

You can place your order as early as 9/15.

Photo Credit: Apple

Photo Credit: Apple

Apple TV 4K

-4K HDR which means a sharper and brighter image

-News and Sports Live (It’ll give you an alert when a game is on)

-The Apple TV app is also on iPad and iPhone.

-New Game “Sky” will be released on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

You can get your hands on the Apple TV 4K with prices starting at $179.00

And now the huge iPhone reveal! …or iPhone’s rather. Prior to announcing the new cell phones, Tim cook went into the history of the iPhone, so that fans know exactly how the two phones came about.

Photo Credit: Apple 

Photo Credit: Apple 

iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus

-New front and back durable glass design

-You can choose from colors: Silver, Black, and a new Gold finish.

-New stereo speakers with deeper bass

-Brand new chip A11 Bionic that’s 70 % faster than A10

-More 3D apps and games

-Faster auto focus in low light for pictures

-12 MP camera sensor that will be larger and faster.

-iPhone 8 plus will also have 12MP with two new sensors

-Portrait Mode lighting for the iPhone 8 plus that will also allow you to pick -A lighting effect prior to taking the picture.

-1080p 240 fps for slow motion recording

-Augmented Reality, meaning if you hold up your camera during a live game it will show the players pictures along with information about the player. And it will also show you the planets as you hold up the phone to the sky.

And finally…

-No more broken cables!! the rumored Wireless Charger is real.  Broken charging cables is a thing of the past.

You can place your order for the new iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus starting September 15th and expect it in stores September 22nd. The pricing starts at $699.00 for the iPhone 8 and $799.00 for the iPhone 8 Plus. Giving you the option of either a 64GB or 256GB.

Photo Credit: Apple

Photo Credit: Apple

Now Apple saved the best for last. The iPhone X, calling it the future of smartphones 10 years later.

Along with the features of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus here’s what else you can expect on iPhone X:

-The front of the phone kind of resembles the Samsung as the phone is all screen. 5.8 inches

-The band around the phone is stainless steel.

-It’s water and dust resistant

-Color options are Space Gray and Silver

-New Retina display called “Super Retina display”.

-HDR Display

-True Tone display

Here’s what’s especially different. The phone no longer has a home button, so how do you wake up the screen? just by tapping on the screen. Also, you unlock the iPhone X simply by looking at it, because it will recognize your face with the new Face ID feature. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry!! it will not unlock your phone by someone using a photo of you. In fact, not even a wax model of you will be able to unlock your phone. 

-Face ID will also work with certain apps that support the new feature.

-Apple Pay as well will work with face ID.

-Swiping up the screen will also allow you to unlock the phone.

-You now access Siri by pressing the side button.

-Animoji- An animated emoji. Basically, an emoji that you will be able to control with your face. You will be able to share the Animoji through iMessage.

-HDR video feature which looks amazing.

-Control center will now be a drop down feature.

-The tracking of the Face ID will also make it easier for Snapchat filters as it immediately picks up your face for filter fun.

-Truth Depth camera will allow you to take portrait mode photos. Selfies anyone?

-Increased battery life that will last 2 more hours than the iPhone 7.

Air Power- A cool wireless charging mat allowing you charge more than one Apple product at the same time. available next year.

You can Pre-order the iPhone X starting at $999.00 on October 27th and have it in your hands on November 3rd. 




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