Women Are Bringing Home The Money Too

Society has switched up the definition of gender roles tremendously!  Women no longer sit home as housewives, while their spouse is out working! WOMEN ARE BRINGING HOME THAT MONEY TOO! 

Over the years, the expected behavior roles for males and females have changed.  Back then males was likely to be the “breadwinner” of the household, work long hours of the day and not have time to interact with their children. As for the woman, they stayed home throughout the whole day to cook and clean.  As time went on, mothers began to work but not as much as the fathers. Once a mother was impregnated, they were forced to leave their jobs with little parental leave.  This put the families in difficult situations, even more difficult because the government has few benefits for pregnant mothers.

For a man, it is traditionally thought that he is the main provider in the home. It is his responsibility to financially take care of his family. "Maintaining a career is a priority for him,"  said Jennifer Gretz a psychology major in SUNY Canton. I agree because that this was such a tradition in the early years, most men only know how to follow this type of lifestyle. That’s why most men prefer to work than to stay home and due household duties.

I think a working mother and father sets a good example for children these days.

  AJ Cherlin, a psychology expert  states, "Seven out of ten married parents believe child care should be shared equally, but two-thirds of the moms said they mainly cared for children....”. Today in society it is common for both men and women to be working, and to take care of their children.  Nowadays many parents share pquality time with their children, playing games, and going to the park.  However, many women still follow the traditional lifestyle, cooking and cleaning the household.  Even though, many mothers work a full time job they still hold household and childcare responsibilities. In the “5 hour energy video”, it demonstrates how a mother comes home from long day of work, goes food shopping, and still has to come home cook and interact with her children. Society’s expectations today are still high, they believe that women  should live a double duty lifestyle.

But not all women, including myself wants to follow the traditional “Housewife” lifestyle. 

According to CNN, in 2016 a study was drawn that women who work in specific jobs such as a Social Worker, Health Educator, or Procurement, earn more than every dollar their male peers make! 

That's right ladies, it's known that we're breadwinners too! It's 2017 and time to switch up the stereotypes of gender roles.