I Love You, I’m Just Mad Right Now

You don’t realize how hard it is to maintain a healthy relationship until you are actually in one and going through the elements of being in love. You see, love isn’t always romantic dates and having access to unlimited cuddling sessions, it’s also about having disagreements, not counting wrongs and forgiving even when you want to be a proud member of the petty committee. Arguments are normal in relationships so just because you and Bae are not on the same page right now doesn’t mean in a few hours you won’t be. Too often many people are allowing small arguments to be the reason why their relationship aren’t lasting. But don’t worry, as the starting Quarterback for the Cuffalo Bills I feel that it is my duty to help you guys out! Here a 5 tips on how to love your partner even though you’re mad at the moment.

1. Don’t count wrongs/favors

Okay so you asked your boo to do you a favor while they’re watching TV or doing something that they deem as important and by going to grab you something real quick(because favors are always real quick) will break them out of their comfort. Don’t get mad when they huff & puff and instantly start blurting out everything you’ve done for them that week. Instead, apologize for disrupting their comfort and if it’s something that you really can’t do yourself right now I’m sure they’ll do it for you. You’ll get better results by being understanding.

2. Don’t run and tell your friends about every argument 

You’re only telling the story from your point of view so automatically in your friend mind, your right and your partner is wrong. your friends are loyal to you not them. Your relationship should be something private, don’t let anyone speak down on your partner especially when you know you guys are going to be good in a couple of hours.

3. Be able to forgive

Some arguments don’t require for you to block your spouse from your phone or all you social media accounts. Step back, breath and think logically. If you were wrong apologize. If they were wrong and are willing to apologize, accept their apology.

4. Stay off social media 

You don’t have to post a play by play on how the argument went for your followers to know that there’s trouble in paradise. Throwing subs on social media is also wrong. Before going through your camera roll to post that meme about being independent and not needing anyone but yourself, just think, some of your followers are waiting for the moment to see you unhappy!

5. Don’t name call 

No one likes to be called names that put them down. In the moment you may not have meant to call your spouse “stupid” but once it comes out you can’t take it back! Think wisely before words come out of your mouth.

Love is kind and patient so don’t give up on your partner for small petty things.  All healthy relationships experience arguments but being able to love in the tough times is what makes it last.

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