How To Be A Boss Chick From Home

2017 is all about making bigger moves and getting to the money!

The rise of social media has drastically changed the way people work to make their own money! So why work a 9 to 5? When you can make thousands of dollars every month doing something you love!

Here are four ways you can be a BOSS from home…..


YouTube is the a media platform where people showcase their talent. Everyday millions of people search YouTube for videos. Whether it's a tutorial on how to apply makeup, or a video of your favorite blogger. YouTube has it all! 

If you're person that likes to make funny videos, or you know how to do something really well YouTube is the perfect website for you to flaunt your talent and earn money. 

“You don't make money based on the amount of views you have. You make money based on people's engagement with the ad,”According to Quora. Therefore, CPM (Cost Per Mile) is worth a $1, that means they're paying you $1 for every 1,000 advertisements you generate, the more ads you generate the more money you will make. Whatever amount you make YouTube takes 45% of its earnings. 

Popular couple De’arra and Ken, who are YouTube bloggers that specializes in creating videos about their relationship, have over 2 million subscribers. Each video they’ve posted has nearly 1 million views! You do the math, that's about $5,000-$8,000 a month. That's more than what the average working person will make in a month.  

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2.  Create Your Own App!

Let's face it, mobile apps have become our best friends! Nowadays, we use apps for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING from tracking our next cycle to shopping on our favorite websites. So how hard can it be to create your own app? Not as difficult as you may think. 

“App owners literally spend time trying to figure out what type of app they can create to get people to spend time using it, and then they get paid from all of the advertisements that are displayed on the apps,” according to Bosschick 

This means you only receive revenue for your apps depending on how many daily active users engage in your content, and how many ads are displayed per session. You receive 0.15 USD for every single user click

If you create a mobile app for people to order food from restaurants, 6,000 active users daily would bring you 400,000 impressions a day. Wait a minute…. that's almost 8k a month in revenue.

If you have a unique app that you’d like to create, don't hesitate to make it your own. There are app owners making millions daily, and some make millions monthly.  

3. Write And Sell Your Own E-Book

Do you have a story that you’d like to share with the world? Do you want to share your life experiences? I have just the job for you!

Since the launch of Amazon publishing system in 2007, reading books online has become extremely popular. All you have to do is tell your story, create a book cover, market it, and sell it at the right price.

“If you’re writing novels, as a lot of self-published authors do, you’re kind of cornered into that less-than-$9.99 window, because that’s what people expect to pay for fiction. But if you write non-fiction, especially how-to or advice-heavy guides (also known as informational ebooks) readers will typically pay a much higher price,” According to AlexisGrant

In simple steps you can create your very own book, set your own price, and sell it to the world. 

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4. Event Decorator 

Almost every week you see somebody on your social media celebrating a birthday, babyshower, or a wedding. But what's a celebration without decorations?  

If your family or friend is planning an event, offer to decorate their event to build your clientele. After you finish decorating,  take some pictures to post on your social media platforms. This will indeed help build your portfolio, and show people what you can do when offering your services. 

Consider one of these jobs and you'll be on the right path of success to being your own BOSS!