808’s And Heartbreaks

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Everyone is familiar with that painful gut feeling when someone breaks your heart. You feel your heart sink to the pit of your stomach as it crashes down like shattering glass on a hardwood floor. You're scrambling to pick up the pieces trying to process how such a tragic event occurred. 

The love you thought would last forever is suddenly gone and your world is upside down. You start to reminisce the future goals you both planned as a union, traveling the world, getting married, having children and settling down. You have put so much time into one person and you planned this amazing future with them and then poof like magic it’s all gone.

Although it may seem like your world is crashing down as you experience this emotional roller coaster it is not the end of the road.  It may take time and tears but in time all wounds will heal. 

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I know it’s easier said than done but you must have hope. Some people are placed in your life as a blessing and others are a lesson. If something is meant to be it will certainly be.  Please, have faith in your transition and keep your head held high do not let one moment discourage you or allow you to give up on love. Your soulmate does exist and although you had plans with this special person you loved so deeply, bigger plans are in store. Keep your head up and your crown held high.