Is Your Gym Membership Worth It Or Not?

When we think about improving our health and getting into shape, our first thought is to sign up for a gym membership. This is one of the many expenses we wouldn’t mind dishing out every month because it's improving our health. But is it really the best option for your pockets? Here’s a rundown on what happens to most avid gym goers, including myself.

We start off beaming with determination and regularly go to the gym for several weeks. After the initial high wears off we’ll start making excuses such as “I had a busy week”, so we skip a few sessions. The following week we’re making more and more excuses and it’s becoming less of a priority and more of a burden on our busy schedule. Suddenly, our gym going days become non-existent, and were now wasting money. We often waste money on things we think will benefit us such as gym memberships and are left struggling at the end of the month to make ends meet. Annually an average person spends $58 dollars a month on a gym membership and out of that amount; roughly $39 per month is wasted.

There are many alternatives for getting into shape that allows us to save money as well.

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This article is not intended for the regular gym member. If you find yourself committed and using your monthly membership to its full potential then keep going! However, if you’re like me and find yourself lacking commitment you need to reconsider if a gym membership is right for you.

Here’s a list to many gym alternatives to save you time and money!

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