Lexi Alon Is The Next Big Thing

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Meet Lexi Alon, singer born in Hartford, CT and raised  in Staten Island. Since Alon was a young girl she knew performing was something she wanted to do. It was practically in her blood, literally. Her mom was involved with music and she was also a model. Growing up with both parents and her dad being from Saint Martin, Lexi is very in tune with her island roots. Not only does she sing R&B and Pop she has also recorded some Reggae to show love to her heritage. She has a very distinctive voice along with a insane vocal range. Her voice is definitely one that stands out from the rest. With singles like “Brand New” and “X Dude”, Lexi is on her way to stardom. Look out for this hidden gem because she is sure to start making major waves in the music industry.

Kiersten: Could you give us a little background on Lexi Alon and how you got started?

Lexi Alon: I started at seven years old, so it’s been a long time coming. Obviously, I haven’t been working on my music career since seven but my parents saw something in me young and we trained that, we groomed that and as I got older I went to acting camp. As a kid I always kinda been into performing arts and my love for it grew there. That’s how it all started. Lexi Alon is a play on my middle name, well part of my first name which is Alexis. In high school my friend started calling me Lexi and Alon just rhymes with another name of mine and it just kinda stuck. My team and I have just been grooming this for a long time and I’m really excited for the world to see it. 

I’m a urban R&B singer who is very big on speaking on real emotion. I think it’s important for people to have someone they can look up to where you don’t have to try too hard, speaking from a real point of view. You just have to be you wether you wanna do more than usual or do a little less, you should feel confident in whatever you wanna do and that’s the main thing I stand for. I may have regular hair one day and platinum blonde the next. The new music that’s coming out is very real. Everyone from all walks of life can relate. I want you as a fan and want to go through everything with y’all. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your doing. Lets just ride this wave together.

Kiersten:  How do you come up with certain tracks? Is it from personal experience, friends etc?

Lexi Alon: What I’ve noticed is if I go to the studio and my team and I are about to start a new record, I just listen to mad tracks. There’s been times when I spent like a whole session like four, five hours literally searching through a log of tracks with that producer that I’m with that day and we’ll just lock in and listen and kinda find our sound. Some days are easier than others, other days not so much. I feel like the beat has to speak to me first and then all of sudden I’ll be like “lemme get in the both and mumble something”. All of our songs start off like mumble rap actually or just like melodies and we just build from that. After that whatever feels right it just comes together, it’s so organic. The person that I have that writes with me a lot is Chris, who is one of my main producers as well, my in house producer he’ll just play on that and get an idea and it just snowballs along with everyone in the room putting in their ideas as well.

Kiersten: What is your personal preference when it comes to music, if any? Who’s an artist that you love listening to?

Lexi Alon: Lord have mercy, I’ve made it all. I’ve literally made it all. (laugh) Deep down in the archives we got hella pop music, we got like cringe bubble gum pop music, we got reggae vibes, tryna work on some Afro beats. I can sing down in jazz any day. I had opera training. So I can sing almost anything! I have a song that has slight country vibes. I like to be versatile. Everyone like you have to choose a lane blah, blah, blahI think it’s important to be in a lane when you’re coming out but it’s also important to know how to do more than one thing. Times change, things change, your followers ears change, you know what I’m saying? So I think that it’s super important to know how to adapt. My parents run my production company. So they gotta know what’s going on. I’m listening to Everything! (laugh) Chris Brown, Da Baby, Danileigh. My favorites are Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Aaliyah! 

Kiersten: How old were you when you started singing and when did you realize you wanted to take it serious?

Lexi Alon: So I started singing at seven, I started taking it seriously, well we were trying to do the child star thing for a while, but I think some of the child stars that were a little bit older than me at the time like Aaron Carter, Lindsay Lohan they started not being their best selves so my mom kinda pulled me out of things and it seemed like it was about to go places and she was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to take it. My mom just got a little nervous. As I got older I looked back and said “Why did I stop doing this” But mom runs the household so (laugh). I remember I went to college and I was singing in my dorm room and this kid Brian was like Hey, can you turn down your music?”. I was like I don’t have any music on and he was like Yea it was loud, there was music can you turn it down” I was like Brian I was singing. He said Oh My God you sound Amazing! I haven’t sung in a while and I had been going through a break up so I had gotten back into music. I remember calling my dad and saying Hey, don’t kill me, but I think I wanna give this music thing another shot”. He was like Excellent!, When you get down here we’re gonna figure it out!”.  I was like OK” (laugh). My mom wasn’t really for it but as time went on my mom  became totally involved which is awesome. We really started getting serious about 4-5 years ago but we had some “BS” along the way which I feel is good because I feel you gotta put your time in to learn how to handle things and move accordingly. So right now my team and I are still figuring out how to fly, you know. If you can visualize this, I don’t have too much weight on my wings so we’re figuring out the motion we just gotta learn how to take off. 

Kiersten: Do you have an artist in mind that you would like to collaborate with and why?

Lexi Alon: Drake, Chris Brown I feel like that’s my sound. I’ve studied Chris Browns voice and runs since I was a kid, it’s just been a forever thing.

Kiersten: What would you like to achieve in your musical career and life?

Lexi Alon: In my musical career, I’m really wanting to get a Grammy. The past Grammy Awards I was so inspired to see some of the women like H.E.R and Ella Mai get Grammys which is like my lane and the lane is opening back up, which I think is so dope. It’s the perfect time for me to be out. Of course I think it’s over saturated because we gotta get through all the people to find the diamonds in the rough but if I keep doing what I’m doing it’s gotta pay off eventually right!? (laugh)  A Grammy is definitely an accolade something that I want. I always thought being a female Jay Z or female Diddy would be fire. A major tour that I’m headlining, performing at the BET Awards, maybe even a movie, sponsorship, modeling and so much more. These are things I’m looking forward to…Billboard, iHeart Music Awards. I want a family, kids and a strong marriage. Happiness, health and prosperity.

Kiersten: Can you give us three fun facts about you that people would be surprised to know?

Lexi Alon: I have a real thing for Hair! If I wasn’t doing music, I’d probably wanna own my own hair salon. Granted! I can’t braid. (laugh) I can definitely sew it in. This all happened a little after I was out of college and I was going out a lot and trying to meet people and network and constantly out wit my girls and being on a bit of a budget but wanting to stay fly.

I like watching the Food Network! I can watch cooking shows all day. I don’t really care for the competition cooking shows. I like the real shows where they show step by step cooking. I like HGTV like the home décor shows. I’m not really a TV person, so it’s only a couple things I enjoy watching. I can do a Britney Spears voice and a Toni Braxton voice!  I’m a crazy dog lover, probably in my past life I was a veterinarian, (laugh) I love dogs!

Kiersten: Will there be another Album or EP coming from you anytime soon? 

Lexi Alon: Yes! More music. Album, EP not sure right now. We have a couple bangers to put out before we put out a project. My team and I are planting seeds. We just gone water them, give it some sunshine and watch them grow, you know what I’m saying!

Kiersten: What’s your favorite thing to do?

Lexi Alon: SLEEP! I like going to get my facials, spa days. Anytime I’m taking care of myself and what I need to do or personally wanna do, I’m enjoying that. Some days going to rehearsals and after rehearsals going to the gym. It depends on the day but that’s an enjoyment of some sort. Going to the studio letting out some energy is great too, it’s also a win win. I’m doing what I love while getting work done. Some days I’m a total blob, Im just being a bum in the house not doing much of anything just looking at Instagram and watching TV and sometimes those days are fun too. Being busy is tiring but it’s fun! So it depends on the day and if it’s something I want to do. If it’s not something I want to do, I’m not enjoying the day, thankful for the day, but not enjoying it. Number one thing is eating! I love food, sushi might be one of my favorites!

Kiersten: You most recently did a cover to Danileigh and Chris Brown’s EASY”.  Do you enjoy covering certain songs and making them your own?

Lexi Alon: I do, I think it’s dope! One because you’re paying homage to obviously a song you like and hopefully the artist can someday see it, secondly because I feel the industry puts women in competition with one another so I think it’s really dope to cover a woman song. Not only because it’s easier because it’s in my range but I really wanna give that woman that feeling of saying Hey she liked my song enough to cover it”. I like to give my fellow women in the same genre their props like Ella Mai, Sabrina Claudio and so on. I also like to sing it so that people who may stumble upon it will be like she’s dope too and if you’re a fan of this person you may also like mine. I choose certain songs to cover based on how I feel and most of the time I connect with more of what a woman is saying.

You can find Lexi and all her music on the following digital streaming platforms, Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. by searching Lexi Alon. Videos can be viewed on YouTube. Lexi can also be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @lexialon.