The Stocks Are Going Up, Meet Niare Philly Creative & Owner of “StockedUp” Clothing Brand

Photo Credit: @blackmythphoto

Photo Credit: @blackmythphoto

Full-time entrepreneur, owner, and founder of StockedUp Clothing, Niare sat down with TMI's Sincerely Daneisha to share with us what it’s like building a brand, daily entrepreneur struggles and what’s in-store for StockedUp in 2018. Check out the interview below.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Niare?

A.  I am the brand owner and founder of StockedUp Clothing established in 2015. StockedUp is a Philadelphia, PA based brand sold worldwide and has been sported in many states like California, New York, and Miami.

Q. Would you consider yourself a fashion designer?

A. I don’t really like that cliché. I like to think of myself as a more of a creator than a designer. I am someone who picks up on life experiences and uses them to create pieces people can wear. Stocked Up is more than just clothing and designs its art.

Q. How long have you been creating your own clothing?

A. About 3 years for StockedUp officially, but I have been designing things all my life. Every technique I learned is throughout life. All my ups and downs motivated me to start creating clothing.

Q. What is your definition of fashion?

A. Fashion is turning nothing into something. It's not about big names and known brands It's all about how you put it together. How you style and lay an outfit is fashion. You can give me anything and I'll make it look sick.


 Q. How did you get started with StockedUp clothing brand?

A. StockedUp kind of forced itself into the streets. I created a few items, wore them, and people started inquiring about buying them. So those customers basically pushed me into marketing and building a brand. Then there was word-to-mouth and the more people would talk, the more my clientele went up.

Q. What does the StockedUp logo symbolize?

A. The logo for StockedUp symbolizes elevating within yourself. It’s all about going up and getting to that next level that's what the rocket stands for “Next Level”. Back in the day my friends and I used to think very negatively about a lot and we didn't really have much motivation. Now we all have something going for ourselves and a few of them assist me with StockedUp gear too.


 Q. What inspired you to create StockedUp?

A. The motivation of just seeing where I came from and only wanting to go up from there each day. All my pieces are inspired by the streets and the street struggles. My stepfather was a tailor who also owned his own brand so that kind of inspired me too.

Q. What are some fashion brands that inspire you?

A. Supreme, Off-White, Lovello, and Ammo Stilo. It's really the brands I see. I'm not really into the hype of liking everything everyone else does. Just seeing the process of everything like Virgil Abloh transitioning from Pyrex into off-white, it motivates me to never give up and keep pushing forward.

Q. There are so many different self-made clothing brands. What makes StockedUp different from all the others?

A. All stocked up pieces are inspired by the streets. I make something out nothing, that’s what keeps the brand so unique. StockedUp will always be different than the other brands that are popular today.


 Q. If you had to describe the style of StockedUp in three words, how would you describe it?

A. It's Street, Different, and Authentic.

Q. What are some challenges you’ve faced while creating your own brand?

A. Trying to master different pieces and making my vision come to life. Living in Philadelphia it's sometimes hard to get something made exactly how you want it. I be killing myself when it comes to creating my vision. The outlets in Philly don’t really give you many options, so you just have to make something with what you have.

Q. How do you overcome those challenges?

A. Living in the hood there’s cleaners on every corner, I try to utilize that and make something out of nothing. I get a lot of my products manufactured from overseas and that’s also a risk you take because sometimes products can ship and not be as they seem. I try to use the opinions of others in those cases, just because I don't see potential in something doesn't mean someone else won't.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to create their own lane and build their own brand?

A. Never give up! The people that support you the most are going to continue to support you and your brand will keep growing and growing. Also, never look back, its only up from here. The more you create the better you’ll get and those who weren’t big supporters will have no choice but to hop on the bandwagon.

Q. Where do you see StockedUp as a brand in the next 5 years?

A. In 5 years, I see StockedUp in stores located in Philly, New York, and LA. StockedUp will be more than a clothing store, it will become a brand used as a platform for the youth to showcase their talents and anything they have going on in the creative world. People can come and host pop-up events, art shows, and it will all be powered by StockedUp. My main goal is to motive the youth and encourage them to go hard.


 Q. So, what’s next? Are there any upcoming StockedUp events?

A. Look out for StockedUp Pop-Up shop on July 1st at 1pm. There you’ll find some new exclusive Stocked Up gear. StockedUp gear will also be sold at Visionaire Designs Store grand-opening on July 3rd. Following that, I will be participating in an art exhibit on July 6th so look out for that as well.

StockedUp gear can be purchased at or in the Visionaire Designs clothing store located at 4330 Frankford Ave. Don’t forget to check out their lookbook on Instagram @StockedUp15 to stay up to date on new clothing and upcoming events. Grab some StockedUp pieces and watch your stock go up this summer.

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