JOY To The World!

Joy Daniels is a singer/songwriter, visionary, producer etc. who has been singing since she was a little girl. Like most, she also sang in her church choir and went on to accomplish great things in her music career. She has covered numerous songs from many different popular artists like Marvin Gaye, Coldplay, Rihanna, Adele and many many more. Joy has a voice like no other. Her voice and sound is like no other, resembling female vocalist such as Lesidi, Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill.. This multitalented woman has a lot to offer, from her soothing voice to producing high quality music and sounds. This unique woman definitely pushes the envelope to set herself apart from the rest. Find out more about Joy, what makes her stand out from the crowd and what to expect from her down below.

Kiersten: Tell us who Joy Daniels is and what she does?

Joy: Joy Daniels aka "joyforthepeople" is a musical being with a lot of love to give and experience to share. I express music through singing, writing, producing and performing. I'm most interested in the human condition and human development. I feel deeply connected with source and my sense of purpose. I hope to help others discover the same. Music. Motivation. Humor. That's my angle! 

Kiersten: How long have you been singing?

Joy: I've been singing since I was very young. I started in the church when I was 11 or 12 years old. I didn't get serious about my singing until I was around 18-19. I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated in 2007. It was after I graduated I spent many nights singing in nightclubs which helped me find my individual voice. I've been professionally singing for around 8 or 9 years. I've shared the stage with some amazing people only because I took my singing seriously enough to invest time into the craft. I'm very thankful for never giving up!

Kiersten: What made you start covering songs on YouTube?

Joy: I would say around 2010-2011 Youtube was just beginning to be a huge platform for artists and musicians. 

Kiersten: What genre would you say best describes your music?

Joy: Well if we're speaking commercially my music would be called Urban Contemporary. It's the category at the Grammys which includes Beyonce (winner for best urban contemporary album 2017), Frank Ocean, Miguel, Chris Brown etc. It's not really a fair assessment because it typically means you're a black artist who is pushing the boundaries of traditional soul and R&B. However if I had to be honest I believe my music is hip hop. Though I am singing, the production and the vibe of my presentation is very much centered around hip hop in pure form. Artists like Lauryn Hill embody the culture and I wish to do the same. 

Kiersten: If you had to choose between singing, writing or producing which would you choose?

Joy: I would choose production for sure. I really love crafting the sonic experience of a song. The production on the record determines the emotional response. I feel very connected to the emotions of the music I listen to and that's what I try to do in my production. I LOVE being a producer and am so very thankful to be doing it at a high level. I always strive to maximize what resources I have available to me. It's who I am and how I perceive music. Finding the best sounds available and getting the best performances out of collaborators. 

Kiersten: How does music make you feel?

Joy: As I talked about before I am most connected to the emotions of the music. Music is an experience. I've been blessed to express it and be apart of it on very high levels from touring with Stevie Wonder to collaborating with the musicians I know and love. It's a spiritual experience that is all encompassing. It's addicting. Music is all consuming. Music manifests GOD in all glory with every note and every sound. Music is a form of GOD. Music is divinely in tune with all that we see and experience. Music makes me cry (tears of joy). Music is everything to everyone. Music makes me feel all of these things and always draws a reaction from me. I am ALWAYS moved by good music. There is never a time when I hear a great song (no matter what the genre) and do not feel a connection to the emotion. Music makes me feel alive. I could go ON and ON. I love music with a deep passionate and affectionate love.

Kiersten: What are your plans for the next two years as far as your music career?

Joy: Thats a great question! I have so so so so much to share. I've spent 2 years touring so that took away from being able to actually produce at a level. I then moved myself and my family to Los Angeles after almost 4 years of being bicoastal. So you see I was in transition for almost 4 years so I wasn't in a place where I could really dig in. I'm settled now so there's A LOT coming. 

1. An EP: Moxie: The Prelude - I'm reacquainting myself with the fans and introducing them to my matured sound. This EP is a prelude to my album Fearless Joy. I'm releasing a song every few weeks. The last release was Favorite Kind which can be listened too here and the new single a cover of James Blake's Overgrown. Got a couple more songs coming from that EP so stay tuned. 

2. My long awaited 4th Independent album Fearless Joy which will feature a few up and coming artists like myself. I'm so excited to collaborate with my peers. I'm also happy to share my experiences over the past few years. It's  been a ride and there are stories to tell! 

3.  I am working with a couple different artists and producing and writing music for them so the world will be introduced to joyforthepeople the producer. Though I have always produced my own music I am very very happy to share my talent and love with other artists like myself. I can't say much about these artists but WOO! I believe I've uncovered gold.

4. I'm still a touring background vocalist so you will see me on TV and the stage with a few different artists this year. I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to share my gift in support of others dreams. 

5. We will be documenting the process of creating Fearless Joy with a documentary. I'm going to be giving everyone some great insight as to my creative process and what my life has looked like. 

6. I've written a book which was a complete gift from a the divine. I have so much to share with those in the millennial generation on completely transforming our lives and living our highest purpose. No details on release as of yet but I am so very thankful to share it with my peers. 

Kiersten: When can we expect more covers or your own music from you?

Joy: I believe youtube covers was a way of introducing my voice to people. I've always had a skill for making a cover song completely my own. I almost never stick to the original format and layout of the song. I love introducing new audiences to an artist through songs that I also love so much. Covers will always be apart of my presentation but the focus is sharing my own creations with music lovers. I've done some great covers over the years and my next release is a cover of James Blake's Overgrown which is available now for download and streaming.. You can listen to that cover here. 

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