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A wife, mother, speaker and host. Robin Ayers is a real life superwoman. It was an honor to be able to have met with Robin not once but two times. She embodies what it means to be yourself, go after your dreams and take every moment as a lesson or sign to get you a step further to where you want and need to be. She exudes happiness while letting us know that she isn't perfect but she's just a woman like the rest of us who messes up sometimes but is on the path to get it right and crush anything negative that comes her way. I'm delighted to share a couple of things that I was able to learn about Robin Ayers in my time of interviewing her. In this interview you will walk away with a better understanding of who Robin, who she is, what she does and why she decided to write a book.

Kiersten: What inspires you?

Robin: Life itself inspires me, that sounds so weird and cliché but like sunshine inspires me, but it's true! Watching people, you know what's so funny, I think yesterday I was driving by someone and I seen a girl getting something out of her trunk and holding a tennis racquet and the man she was standing with look like her father and he was holding a guitar and I thought what's their story, ya know. I thought, how did they get connected. You know we all were not meant to do life by ourselves and how awesome is it that we are paired with people whether they're related to you or you meet them. Like, how dope is that. That's incredible to me. So when I tell you life itself, I mean I literally get inspiration from life and everything about it.

Kiersten: How did you get your start?

Robin: I was in fashion because I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment business somehow but as I was in high school in stuff I was drawn to fashion and everyone would tell me “You're so good with matching things”, so I went to fashion school got a degree in fashion. I started working as a stylist in the business behind the scenes with different people and I said this is cool but I didn't think that was it. The thing that I had in mind I said I'm missing it somehow. Long story short, years and years go by and I started working with the Norwood Family and I had gotten very close with them. Through them I met a family friend of theirs who got me into broadcast journalism. He sat me down, well he called me rather and said can you do this interview tomorrow with Keith Sweat, I'm like I never interviewed anybody a day in my life ya know. He was like I know you can do it, if anybody can do it you can. I was scared but I said yes. I believe in saying “YES” no matter how scared you are. The interview was amazing! He called me a week later and was like can you interview Magic Johnson? I was like come on man, lol what do you mean. So I did that and that was also very successful sand that's when I really caught the bug. I felt like it was natural for me, very conversational and not forced. There's a chapter in the book that talks about borrowing confidence from people and I borrowed confidence from him at that time. His name is JoJo, so I thank him all the time for believing in me. I pulled it off and it was successful and I decided to go full fledge with this.

Kiersten: What is your message? What would you like people to know about you?

Robin: My message to every person is we all have a superpower. We all been born with a superpower and not everyone has tapped into it. The superpower is belief and belief can simply be your car to get to your destination. If people knew the power that they had, life itself would be easier to navigate through. Stuff will still happen to you but how you go through it would be so much more faster, it would be more powerful. You wouldn't harpoon the negative things to long. So my direct message is all related to the power of belief. Everywhere I go I try to get somebody to believe. Not the cliché believe in yourself, but really tapping into your inner self, inner awareness, inner consciousness to wake-up! You got it, the answers are there. It's already in you. If we all knew that, it would be a game changer.

Kiersten: What has been your favorite interview so far and why?

Robin: I have so many interviews that are my favorites. I'm gonna have to say Forest Whitaker. I remember being stunned that I was sitting across talking to Forest Whitaker cause I'm a huge fan of his and I didn't get any pictures with him but I'm sitting at a round table talking and to Forest Whitaker I was like hmmm. I'm here, I've arrived at a place where I can interview him. So that was one of my favorites was Magic Johnson because that's when I knew I had the power to make someone react a certain way. Although it was only my second interview. He was giving me everything I have pictures and video footage of the interview, when I loo back at it and the way he was responding to me and the things I asked really made me feel like wow I have something here. So those are probably my two favorite.

Kiersten: When did you realize this was the career for you?

Robin: When I was younger, when I was a teenager I was the one older people would come to talk to about their problems. I would listen really well and respond to whatever I could give them and people for the longest time would say “you should consider being a counselor” and I was like No, I don't see it. What all that was about was the pieced the puzzle to get me where I am now which is being able to speak into someone's life and offer whatever thing I have, whatever wisdom or knowledge I have being able to offer that to someone is what I'm doing right now but when I realized it, I probably was in my mid twenties and I was like I think this is what they were saying back in the day. I didn't know what to call it. Ultimately I became a speaker. I had all the ingredients for the recipe that eventually came together.

Kiersten: If there is one thing in life you could master, what would it be?

Robin: Wow, that's a good question. I wanna master not caring what people think of me. To me that's like one of the hardest things in life. For so long I have just allowed people to affect me or make me make a decision that I don't really wanna do and if I don't do it your gonna think a certain way about me and I have a hard time when people don't like me because ya know cause to me I'm Robin, I'm me. I'm nice ya know, I'm likable and if someone misconstrues what I said and done, I'm like no no, I didn't mean it that way. To me that's one of my biggest flaws. I gotta get to a place where I know the truth. I'm a good person, a good friend, a good colleague and I know what I meant and can apologize if it hurt you in any way but that's not what I meant and if you can't get pass that, that's your issue.

Kiersten: How do you balance work, being a mom and wife?

Robin: I feel like what GOD gives you, will never be too much on you that you can bare, ya know and that's just what it is. So I have to walk in a grace that I have been given that I don't even know how I'm doing it. I don't have the answers. Everyone has a different answer. Some people meditate, other people analyze every part of their lives and don't necessarily do any of that. I just make sure subconsciously there are categories of things that I do like, well I know from 2:30PM-9PM is mommy time, I know I still have to carve out time to be with my husband, watch some tv or whatever. In my mind I do figure it out. Let me tell you the key, the key is sit to yourself, I don’t care if it's ten, fifteen, twenty minutes. The beautiful thing about my life is I have a flexible life. So for instance I'll drop my kids off in the morning I'll go to the park and sit there and take in the trees, the day and life. I think about my part in this.its so much bigger than this.

Purchase your copy at

Purchase your copy at

Kiersten: Why did you decide to write a book?

Robin: It was time. Since I started Facebook in like 2006 or 07, I'm a naturally optimistic person so I would go on there and write my post for the day and go about my business and slowly but surely people would start coming to me commenting and saying things like, “ I would get on Facebook just to see what your going to say for the day”. I'm like “for real?”. I didn't realize it was a big deal and it was and is. So I have been building this community of people who wanted to see what Robin had to say.I'm comfortable about talking about any different subjects. I can talk about relationships, I can talk about relationships, I can talk about being a mom, a wife all these things and because of that people were like “ok, when are you writing a book”. I was like, I'm no author, I'm not gone write a book. I said no for a couple of years. People kept asking me and I was like no because in my mind that wasn't my move ya know but I remember the latter part of 2015 GOD specifically spoke to me it's just time, like we're going beyond Facebook. Facebook is gonna reach a certain community that I had built and supporters. We gotta go outside of that and reach people all across, so that was the revelation. All of this was for a reason. I started doing broadcast journalism that was to build a platform for an audience and people who started to follow me cause they like my style or purpose or messages in my interviews. That was for a reason. Me being a speaker I started off with high school students at first then I started going out speaking to more and more people. That was for a purpose and it was. Now as a author it's all apart of the master plan GOD has for me so he just told me it's time. We're gonna make each and everyone of those things give you the platform you need in order to speak to the masses. Truthfully I'm not doing any of this to be a star or to be famous. I'm a sacrifice. I'm a vessel to get this across.

Kiersten: Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Robin: With another book, at least one or two books. This is actually meant to be a series. Belief is just a topic but think about all the unspoken languages. So the next book I'm working on is the power of hustle, grinding and putting yourself on the map. For example if I walk into this restaurant you're gonna be like I don't know her, she's probably hungry because she came into the restaurant. I didn't have to say anything, I just walked in here. Putting yourself on the map you can't just walk up to Diddy or Beyoncé and say I wanna work for you, hire me or give me a record deal because they're gonna at number one, who are you and what have you done. What moves have you made. You have to learn without asking for any hand outs. Grind as hard as you can and make people recognize you. The reason I'm in the space that I'm in is because I did this all by myself. Now, I'm not saying I didn't have teams of people but what I'm saying is I never ask anyone for anything. I was like I know what I wanna do, so I decided and I'm gonna use what's in my power. What do I have, who could I call to help me get that step closer and from that one step you can get further and then you move again and it becomes a cycle and someone will recognize you. My mom once said “I'll help you when you help yourself.”  

Kiersten & Robin

Kiersten & Robin

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