Introduction of Edward Grant

UNBOTHERED! Many people use this name in vein, but not this young man. I'm referring to EDWARD J VASQUEZ GRANT.  Edward is the epitome of the meaning unbothered. In no way, shape or form does it hold any type of negativity when it comes to him. But, a driving force to remain positive and stay driven. He practices what he preaches by not letting things that would usually bother us by letting it go in the moment so he's able to focus on more meaningful things that will produce a rewarding outcome. He is an a unique diverse individual who is very conscious of the world we live in. The past, present and the future ahead of us. This local poet wears many hats which include being a blogger, designer & entrepreneur.  Edward is planning on expanding his brand while remaining true to himself and respected as he already is. He is currently working on a magazine that will be titled The Orange Line amongst a list of other things. The magazine will focus on art, poetry and local Philly things. I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with Ed about what he does exactly, what we should expect and most importantly who he is. You'll find in this interview that he's an intriguing individual, that you'll want to find out more about him. I was excited to interview someone of his intellect and awareness of life and the human race. This Q & A will give you access into the mind of this Philly poet.

Q. Tell me somethings about Edward Grant? Who you are and What your about?

A. I feel like I'm someone who wears millions of hats. Lately I've gone from being just a writer to damn near designing. Pretty soon I'll have a clothing line out that will represent black people and be totally for black people. The logo and everything. It'll be like a peace, unity, african type symbol. An original tribe type thing. The name is going to be BLACKS RECREATING OURSELVES abbreviation “BRO”.  I've been designing it for the past two months and looking to go to Chicago to get a manufacturer and everything so I can get my designs out there. I had styling jobs in the past but no one knew that I was an actual sketch artist. I'm a poet before anything else.

Q. So, I know you're shooting a documentary. What are some things we should expect from it?

A. Ok, with that you should expect the UNEXPECTED!, like seriously. It's to the point where my team and I are getting offers to be somewhere we never thought we'd be. To the point we're  being asked to come to New York! Like, that has nothing to do with Philly. I guess I’ll have clips of our process involved in there. Also people can expect to see people that they feel as though has been slept on per say. You know how it's like you always got this one person that can sing so good like “ Yo,  she can sing, she don't even try, she don't even go to the studio and people didn't even know about her.  There's gonna be a lot of people where your gonna be like its about time somebody is paying attention to them and their art is being exposed. It's not gonna be a one time thing. It's gonna be a series of events.  At first it was going to be a general art documentary showing different designers, stylists and poets, but it has gotten to the point where so many people were interested from so many walks of life that me and my team had to break it up into episodes. I hope everyone can really see it for what it is ya know.

Q. What are your poems based on?

A. They mainly focus on current events, spirituality and the human mind. I write about how I feel, things I've experienced or just situations others close to me may have or are going through at the moment.

Some day we’ll all be free Keep yourself respect we’ll be free from the changes of currency No need to be ashamed some day their will be a end to poverty Perfect world for healthy mothers and their beautiful babies A cure and a healing to ectopic pregnancies A natural place to eat with no warning or health scares A place to call home with no boundaries the people look like us there Hang on! We will be free The cost of freedom will be an equivalency to slavery To held one captive will be the same meaning as to let them free
Live your life outside the racial bubble Love is love, love that person of color theirs no trouble So many fall off their journey as the world turn Fire is and always be free they want us to burn Remain humble A place in the skies beyond the cries have be revealed So much is going on but this is part of the phase of life our lips no longer are sealed
Hang on black man black queen some day we’ll be free Ejg(2016)
-Edward Grant

Q. What do you like about writing?

A. The thing I like the most is that there are no rules. I can be free, I don't have to stick to any guidelines. I can express how I'm feeling. My mind is constantly going, so I always have something to write about, even as we speak, lol.

Q. What are you passionate about and why?

A. Perception. I use that word real broad because you can look at someone and judge them. Like, you might look at me and say I'm materialistic but I'm not. I'm seriously not that person like today I happen to feel that way. Tomorrow you might see me in some vans that look like I was on a skateboard. I like to switch it up. Perception is everything to me. I feel like you won't perceive me correctly until you say something to me, that way we can have a conversation and you'll get to see exactly who I am. Then see that you may have been wrong. I heard I was mean, stuck up until you actually get to know me.

Q. I've noticed that your very into the black community and making sure the presence of Black/African Americans don't go unnoticed. What are your plans to help make that happen? 

A. Well, for starters because I have a lot of group projects going on. My clothing line is priority number one. Being as though once people see the story behind it not just the words but the actual symbol and to see like how I incorporate so much culture in different pieces in stuff ya know. I wanna donate the money I make off of it to different things in the city. Even when I was working at Nordstrom I would always make sure I donate to the United Negro Fund always. At the end of the day our kids are gonna be here when we're not. One thing we don't do that white people do is invest in our future. People wanna say “Oh, white people think they better” but nobody on our end is wondering if I make a thousand dollars today what should I do with it. I'm not saying all black people just some of us. It's always let me buy these sneakers or let me go show boat somewhere. My whole thing is every time I make a little extra money I'll put it to the side. Even to the point where now I have a share account. I use that account to buy stocks and stuff like that. I'm just trying to secure a future for my kids. They're the future black kids. I wanna get way more involved. BLACK LIVES MATTER is way more than a hashtag. 

Now that you know somewhat about Edward Grant I bet you're ready to know even more about him. Be sure to stay tuned because Edward has a documentary and magazine coming out soon that will be highlighting a lot of today's issues as well as fashion and photography. 

Edward is still perfecting his website and magazine. However you can find Edward on Instagram at @ed.hippe and his poetry on tumblr at