That Kid Chronic!

CHRONIC formally known as Damian Mancini is a young rapper from Drexel Hill, PA. He's been rapping since the 8th grade. Only recently he has been taking his craft to the next level. He has one little sister and is currently attending Delaware County Community College to get his Liberal Arts out of the way. After that, Damian plans on transferring to Kutztown University in spring 2017 were he will major in Business with a minor in Audio Engineering.  Some would compare his sound to Talib Kweli and Tory Lanez. I'd say he's in a league of his own with a very unique and mature sound to only be 18.  Below is a brief Q&A to get a feel of who he is and what he's about.

Q.  Who are some musicians that influence you?

A.  What really influenced me was the kids, like the young kids who are my age that were doing their thing with music. That's basically how I got started in this whole thing. I saw kids my age that were doing it and seeing the good positive reaction that they were getting from it. Seeing a bunch of people enjoying it and liking it so much and I'm like alright, if they can do it then why can't I do it. And it started from there.

Q.  What's your inspiration?

A.  Umm, people's reactions ya know, good or bad. Of course with good obviously it means the world because you put so much effort into something and people like what your doing. Even with bad it's not the end of the world. You'll  still have people who like what you do and your only gonna get better. You can't keep doing something and get worse at it.

Q.  Describe your style of music?

A.  I wanna say, Mysterious! I say that because what I always try to do in every song is come with a different type of vibe with every song I do. I don't wanna make everything sound the same, I don't wanna base it in the same plot. So I always try to create a different theme, a different story etc. These days it's easy for people to get bored. I wanna be fresh and new every time I drop something. I don't want to lose my fans attention.

Q.  What sets you apart from any other hip hop artist in your age bracket coming up in the music industry now?

A.  I guess my creativity. I try not to base every song around women, drugs and money. I actually try to create purposes for songs. I want them to have meanings behind them. I want people's reactions to be “Oh Shit” he's not just talking about what these other young kids are talking about, like he actually puts thought and time into what he's talking about. I just really try and get into people's minds whenever I drop something. Make you think, ya know?

Photo Cred.- Landen A. Jenkins

Photo Cred.- Landen A. Jenkins

Q.  Are you working on anything at the moment?

A.  Yes! I'm actually working on a project. It originally was gonna be a EP, but it's like I had all these songs that I didn't drop. So, I said to myself I have enough to make an album. The songs range from a high hype feel to a more mellow vibe to back upbeat again. I wanted to balance it out so its not just all one way and you guys get sick of listening to it. I'm still working on the finishing touches, but it'll be out soon!

Q.  What's the next step for CHRONIC?

A.  Well,  just putting my head in the books. Focusing on furthering my education. Hopefully when the album drops I can create more of a fan base. I have very high expectations for this album. Reason being that I did and am putting in a lot of time and effort into it. There were moments were I could have easily said “Ok, these songs are good enough, let me put them out just to put them out”. I didn't want that. So I kept at it until I felt like the song was perfected and up to my standards. I'm proud of my work and took my time on each song. I want it to show when you guys listen to it. It's not some thrown together crap.

Q.  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A.  Graduated with my college degree first and foremost and hopefully on tour! Lol But definitely that degree! 

Be sure to check out Damian's latest single August 8th! This kid is sure to make major waves. He's definitely a step above the rest.

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