Alim-Karim Kamara aka Limm is a 17 year old lyricist that came from Manitoba, Canada that now resides here in Philadelphia, PA. Alim has been here in Philly for four years and went to Saint Joseph’s Prep. He will be attending Saint Joseph’s University this fall where he will study Economics and Business Intelligence. Aside from being an intelligent young man, Alim is a verbally conscious writer/rapper. Although he's only 17,  Limm compares his sound and style of rap to other rappers like Drake, Logic and J Cole. He wants to be known for telling stories and how he feels without being artificial. Here's a Q & A on the young Philly artist so you can get some insight on who he is and what he's about.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A: When I think of influential artist in the music industry I think of people who have meaning in there words like, Logic, Bryson Tiller, Drake and J Cole. They are close to me and what I try to resemble.

Q: What inspires you?

A: My inspiration comes from the fear of failure and not being able to accomplish a goal that I set for myself and being able to be the best I can be. I don't like to lose or see myself not do well. I like to push myself and see myself strive for excellence.

Q: Describe your style of music?

A: Hip Hop/R&B, I tell stories. I write music from personal experiences that I've encountered and seen. I like to talk about things that go on in the daily world. Everything that's up and coming or new. Whatever issue arises.Things like that.

Q: How long have you been rapping/singing?

A: February of this year. Since then my friend and I have had a following. It's been climbing pretty high. Not too many people I know are on Soundcloud but the views are definitely there.

Photo Cred- Landen A. Jenkins

Photo Cred- Landen A. Jenkins

Q: What sets you apart from any other hip hop artist coming up in the music industry?

A: The fact that I'm real in what I talk about and how I portray myself. I think a lot of people tend to gas themselves up or have this false reality of who they are and what they do and kinda implement that to the music and succumb themselves to what people wanna hear and listen to. I stick to what I normally do and how I see the world. I tell my side of the story instead of telling people what they wanna hear.

Q: Are you currently working on anything?

A: Yes, I'm currently working on a mixtape. I'll be looking to put it out at the end of July early August. It has a couple of features, one being my hommie Damien aka Chronic. He's featured on our single Halftime, which is on Soundcloud.

Q:Which do you enjoy most? Writing or Performing?

A: I've only had two performances. One was at the Rusty Nail in Ardmore and the other was at a friends grad party. I thought it was pretty cool being up there on stage. It was very different though, kinda nerve racking. Definitely something to get used to. I'd have to say writing for right now cause it allows me to be by myself and in my zone.

Q: What’s the next step for you?

A: Well, I'm hoping that once this tape comes out I'll be well known around my area right now. Kinda grow my fan base. So like I said I'm from Canada, so to hopefully start getting my music out there. There's a couple of websites I'm looking at where there's a daily following type thing. Like if I were to drop a new song, there on it.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: Graduated! Doing well regardless of music. I hope I have some type of music career going on, that's the goal. Music is something I love to do. It keeps my mind off things when I need to escape or do my own thing. Be in my zone. I usually start off by writing about how I feel, listen to a track then add a melody to it.

Well there you have it! That's just one of many talented people that wants to share their gift with the world. Who knows, Alaim may very well be the next big thing to come out of Canada like his idols mentioned earlier. Stay Tuned!


Listen to Limmy Featuring Chronic in Halftime on Soundcloud

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