Meet Amanda Fallon

Meet singer/song-writer Amanda Fallon. Her recently released single “Paradise” came as a shock for those who weren't aware of her astonishing voice. Her song has received a great amount of support from listeners since its release. Too Much Info held an exclusive interview with Amanda Fallon to learn more about her, her influences and what we can expect from her in the future. 

Q: What inspired you to become a singer?

A: Singing is something I wanted to do forever. When I was younger I used to walk around the house singing and my mom would be like, " shut up." (Laughs) but I don't know I used to be shy and nervous. In high school that's when I performed for the first time. Then, when I got to college I kind of fell off. So, I guess what inspired me is me knowing my potential and not wanting to settle. What inspired me was just the love of it, I genuinely love music.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A: Bob Marley, I love him he's really my favorite. Lauryn Hill, I love her and I feel like a lot of people say my music not reminds them of her but the way I sing and stuff like that. Michael Jackson, my mom used to love him, so I feel like it's only right. Toni Braxton too, she's one of my favorites. I have a lot. 

Q: What about Lauryn Hill and Toni Braxton influenced you?

A: One, their voices I think both artist are so unique. They're powerhouse singers and the way they sing and how it makes you feel that's what I love about them. Especially Lauryn Hill she goes from being conscious and trying to make you be aware of stuff to love songs and things that you can relate to in everyday life. Same with Toni, she's beautiful...I really love them.

Q: What was your inspiration for Paradise?

A: This song was actually written probably like two years ago, maybe three. One of my best friends, Lauren, she produced it. Then, she let me hear it and she came up with the hook. She was like, "you gotta get on this." First we were going to do a mixtape with the both of us and different songs because she has a mixtape called “The Breakup” so she had an idea of doing “The Makeup” with love songs. That's when I actually started doing music again, because she was like "yo just do this join." So we started but we never got to finish it and Paradise was one of the songs on there. So I'm like yo, I want to make this one my first single. The person I recorded it with, Jeffery, he co-produced it...even his ideas I feel like we just kept building on it and it turned into something really special

Q: Will there be a video for Paradise?

A: We are coming up with the treatment for the video.

Q: How has the turnout been since you released Paradise/was it what you expected?

A: I've gotten really good feedback and really good support on it. With it being my first time putting out music by myself I feel like people were really supportive. I feel like I gotta keep pushing it though because my social media...I don't be on it as much so I have to start being on it more.

Q: What genre would you categorize your music with?

A: I guess kind of a fusion between R&B and Soul. I wouldn't say Neo Soul but I wouldn't say "R&B, R&B". It's like a mixture of it. I'm Jamaican so my influences were dancehall and reggae from the rip. From me having friends around the block and going to school I started listening listening to other music. My older cousins were here for a couple of years and they started listening to American music, so that's kind of how I just got a fusion of both.

Q: What could you contribute to the music industry?

A: I feel like I can bring my roots, since they're Jamaican, I feel like I can bring that into my music with reggae and dancehall. Especially with dancehall and the energy around that right now with Rihanna doing it and Justin Bieber. I feel like this would be a good time because dancehall influences American music so much. That's another reason why music inspires me so much because it's in my blood.

Q: What prompted you to leave Philly and move to LA?

A: You know how you just have this one of my best friends Brittany, she was here already. I was supposed to move with her in January but I had just graduated that December and I was trying to get everything together. I was like nah I'm not ready for it. Then I was working and I told myself, "six months from the day I graduate I'm going to move," but I didn't know where. I was thinking Atlanta, I was thinking California but I was like I'm going to just pray on it and whatever happens happens. So, Brittany hit me up and she was like, "there's an extra room where I'm living at." At the time I was working at Strayer University so I was working from home, so I could go anywhere so why not? I told myself I wanted to move so that was like the perfect opportunity. So I searched online for a plane ticket and one of the ticket prices was $253 and I'm real weird with numbers. I graduated from Girl's High and my class number was 2-5-3, so I'm like if this ain't destiny! I graduated with my Masters on December 14th and then I left for LA on June 15th, so that was exactly six months laters.

Q: Do you feel like it's easier to pursue music in LA?

A: Philly has so much talent and here literally everybody I meet does something creative. Everybody is out here pursuing something so I feel like it's competitive but what makes it easier is that there's so many creative people to work with. 

Q: What's been the scariest moment for you so far?

A: It's been a lot of moments. Being out here without family, and you just got you and your friend and you're meeting other people I was kind of nervous about that. Like I don't know these people and I can't trust them like that so you have to just trust your gut out here. I feel like that was scary because I'm in a whole new land. It was the biggest culture shock when I got here. Everything was just different. So that was scary and just me now I'm getting better with going with my gut and trusting what I'm supposed to be doing. Doing music alone is scary. You don't know if people are going to like it or not like it, you don't know what the outcome is going to be.

Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

A: I expect to be making really good music and inspiring people, that's what I want to do most. My purpose is to bring awareness and inspire people but at the same time I want to do a lot with the community. Other than music I want to invest in businesses. 

Q: What can everyone expect from you this year?

A: I'm putting out a lot more music, some videos, some acting. I'm just trying to do a lot more with music and let people know who I am as an artist. Also, community service..but I just like to create rather it's music, dancing, painting...I just like to create.

Amanda is definitely an artist with a bright future ahead of her. Her song “Paradise” quickly became a fan favorite via social media. Take a listen to her new track below and follow her on social media @amanda_fallon