5 Tips To Get That Summer Glow

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Summer is right around the corner and what’s more important than a summer time glow. We all want that flawless, fresh look while in the sun this summer so check out these quick tips below on how to maintain that summer time GLOW!

1. Moisturize Often-Try moisturizing your skin daily, the optimal time to do this would be right after your shower while your skin is still damp. Also key advice is to get a moisturizer that goes with your skin type.

2. Exfoliate Less- Darker skin tones tend to be more sensitive when you over exfoliate.  Also try exfoliants with natural ingredients like cocoa butter that will help leave the skin feeling nourished.

3. Dark Sports- This typically happens due to pimples, insect bites or a cut because the skin is trying to produce too much melanin in that area! Try using some type of spot corrector that will help the skin look more luminous and will fade the darker appearance over time.


4. Wear Sunscreen-Everyday! I know seems weird but, darker skin tones can still get sunburned and skin cancer. This can be accomplished by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF value at 15 or higher. The experts also suggest getting a moisturizer that has the SPF already in it to cut down on your daily routine.

5. Cleanse your skin daily- Darker skin can tend to look ashy if not moisturized correctly. Grab yourself a gentle mild facial cleanser formulated specifically for your skin type.