Closet Necessities You NEED For Fall


It’s that time of year that most of us have been waiting for- fall! It’s time for haunted houses, pumpkin patches, hot chocolate, and let’s not forget, fall fashion! Ditch the shorts and tank tops, here’s what you need to make sure you’re styling your way through the entire season!

1.     Thick Scarves


Scarves can pull an entire outfit together all while keeping you warm. Plus, there’s so many ways to wear them!

2.     Knee-High Boots


Do I even have to explain? Knee-high boots just make you feel fierce. You won’t want to stop walking once you put these on.

3.     Long Sweaters


Talk about comfortable. Long sweaters make you look professional but keep you feeling cozy as well.

4.     Lots and Lots of Plaid


Plaid is one of the best prints out there. It’s laid out on so many colors and types of clothing which make your options limitless.

5.     Large Totes


Where else are you going to put your five lip glosses, laptop, and perfume? Not only are they stylish, they are necessary.

6.     Ripped Jeans


I know, I know, it gets cold during the fall. It’s still okay to show just a little bit of skin, though. Ripped jeans take your outfit from boring to edgy, instantly.

7.     Anything Orange


If I had to pick a color that is IN this year, it’s without a doubt burnt orange. It goes with almost anything and is the epitome of fall.

Stock your closet with these trendy pieces and you’re sure to make statements all fall long.