WATCH: Rihanna Did The Cutest 10-min Make-Up Tutorial That Will Make You Fall In Love


 “I have been watching women do make-up, I mean since my mom. Then I started working in an industry where make-up became apart of my everyday life. I picked up a lot of tips there and I think the best teacher is yourself. You have to practice on your own face.” - Rihanna

Everyone loves some Rihanna! From her music to her various brands, even down to her realist and bubbly personality. She is hard to not fall in love. I mean who doesn’t love a Pisces girl? Okay I’m being bias but you get what I’m saying. Yesterday, on Instagram Rhianna shared short bloopers of a 10-min make-up tutorial with Vogue magazine and now everyone wants to achieve the Rihanna look. During the famous RiRi"Get Ready With Me" tutorial, the beautiful star dropped mad gems; giving away all of her beauty tips for applying Fenty Beauty. Rihanna even goes on discussing her flaws and her journey with the cosmetic industry. The brief makeup tutorial is filled humorous comments by Rihanna on her forehead and recent weight gain. Watch the full video below to achieve that RiRi glow you've been dying for. Are you a fan of Fenty products? Let us know and tell us what you think of Rihanna's quick makeup tutorial.

Guest Contributor