Here’s Why Vogue Africa Should Be Taken Seriously According To Naomi Campbell!

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We all know and admire how stunningly gorgeous Naomi Campbell is. Well now, the queen of the runway is using her fame and voice for the better. There’s no doubt that diversity in the top notch magazines has increased, but it’s still a gap in the market for African fashion. This is why Naomi is speaking up on behalf of all African designers, models and leaders in the fashion industry for the greater good.

While African models and designers are getting more recognition and much more notable, she believes that there should be a magazine specifically for Africans and I couldn’t agree more. Most faucets are seeing steady growth, there is still a gaping hole due to the lack of the infrastructure over in Africa.

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Fashion media is crucial, as it’s through them the general public gains insight on the fashion industry in a whole. Not only would African Vogue be a step in the right direction but it will open up a ton more doors and fuel a growth spurt in the industry.

Campbell had this to say in an interview with Reuters…”Africa has never had the opportunity to be out there and their fabrics and their materials and their designs be accepted on the global platform…it shouldn’t be that way.”

The mass media company, Conde Nast, publishes 27 international versions on the fashion bible. They include countries like Bulgaria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Romania and so on.

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It’s most definitely time for a change and for everyone to see a broader spectrum of not only women but men as well. It would bring great pleasure to myself and other women like me around the world to see a barrier like this broken. Let’s just hope and pray that with Naomi’s power, that she can really get this project off the ground so we can start seeing a representation of diversity in all shades and shapes.