Zara Is Coming To King Of Prussia Mall!


Finally, que the praise hands emoji. Fast fashion retailer Zara is coming to King of Prussia Mall in 2018. You know what this means for all you Philadelphians, no more going to the one and only location on 17th and Walnut.

The popular front runner will be opening a two-level store in one of the biggest malls in America. This is a spectacular addition to the mall considering there is only one Zara in the whole state of Pennsylvania. The next closest store is over an hour away in Central New Jersey. 


King of Prussia Mall manager Bob Hart let know that Zara’s fast fashion model of selling clothes as soon as they’re seen on a runway is beneficial for retailers and shoppers alike.

“Consumers can see the trends on the runway and shortly after buy them at an affordable price point in their own backyards. From a retailer perspective, the model works because it  creates demand and generates quick turnover of merchandise. Customers know that if they see an item they like, they should buy it as it may not be there the following week,” Hart said.


Unlike H&M and Forever 21, Zara adds a different kind of flare to the fast fashion industry. Although H&M may be giving them a run for their money with all their unique styles.

One way Zara sets itself apart from the above retailers is by not utilizing suppliers that  are far from their retail hubs. Other stores with suppliers many miles away find it harder to stock trends immediately after they hit the runway.