Philly: A Women’s Appreciation Art Gallery Just #ForHer


“I have always been interested in gender roles, feminism, and global feminism. Feminism is cool and hip, Beyoncéwe run the world GIRLS but its deeper than that. There are so many layers, women’s right’s look different in different cultures. Different women experience different things all experiences need to be taken into consideration when discussing women empowerment." - DWHPP


Painter and Temple University student, Dyymond Whipper-Young also known as DWHPP has been creating a name for herself in Philadelphia, PA for some time now and her talents haven't gone unnoticed. As a visual artist, she specializes in Fine Arts, which includes painting, drawing, and sculpting. Dyymond’s dexterous painting and sculpting ability has enabled her art work to be exhibited at various shows throughout the United States.

Tomorrow, March 24th, Dyymond and The Digital Art Gallery alongside a few other artists will present to you #ForHer Women’s Appreciation Art Gallery dedicated to honoring Women’s History Month. The event was curated to get people in a space where they can honor and appreciate women through art in various expressions. #ForHer’s purpose is to appreciate women in certain aspects and to shed light on illustrations of women across the board. One thing that differentiates this Women’s History event from others is its ability to include all genders, not just women only.


 "Many women empowerment events are exclusively toward women only. They only allow women in the room, and I get it. It does makes the space more intimate but we wanted to make sure men were included in this dialogue, so people realize it's not only up to women to empower women but men as well. Men are just as responsible for uplifting women as women are ,” said Dyymond.

The inspiration for the event emerged from Dyymond's first art show in which she collaborated with the Digital Art Gallery. The Digital Art Gallery is an art and entertainment exhibit known for its events like Dirty Sprite 2, Free Gucci & Free Pizza, and First Saturdays. They have also hosted shows in New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, and DC after doing her first art show with the Digital Art Gallery.  Many opportunities opened up for Dyymond and she is incredibly thankful. Dyymond described working with the Digital Art Gallery as being a full circle. "I have now curated an event with the same people I started with".

The event will occur on March 24, 2018, at the MQ Factory Studio.

What's unique about the location is that it is owned by Ricky Codio, a phenomenal world-traveling photographer. Codio is known for his unparalleled next-level maternity shoots and his work with ThesePinkLips, a sexy and raw high-end fashion brand designed by Iris Bonner.  For Dyymond it has always been about moving within her network of creatives, artists, and young professionals. The location of the event is a studio that has great significance to her. "Ricky's images capture an essence of strength within women that will contribute to the energy of the event so well. That is why it is important to note that we are in his space,” Dyymond shares.


 #ForHer is all about doing it for a cause! Part of the proceeds from the event will go to a women’s shelter. They have also set up a women’s shelter donation drive where you can purchase products on Amazon that will deliver to them as well. Their goal is to really put efforts into action and make an impact in many women’s lives.

Below are some of the artists that will be presenting at the event:



Walter is a published fashion and art photographer and is known for his role in #BlackInkCrew. You can find him with camera in hand capturing the amazing moments the night of the event.



“Saeed’s art doesn’t put us in a box, you know? Women, muse, naked, nipples. It's nice for a man to appreciate women in all aspects through his art.” 


Saeed will be one of the artists sharing his beautiful illustrations at the event. His work is aligned with #ForHerbecause so many of his pieces show women in good light. The paintings he designs are far from one-sided and they display multiple layers on how dynamic women can be.



"Dani was a must, she's super underrated and she inspired me to do more art."


Danidavinci is a Temple Alumni and visual artist. Dyymondadmires her dedication to her craft and how hard-working she is.


Melanie paves own lane when it comes to painting. Unlike no other, her work is raw, authentic, and vulgar. Super comfortable and unapologetic with her sexuality, she is not afraid of the naysayers and her work portrays just that.



DomDollNYC is a Bronx artist that specializes in graffiti and street art. Her custom painting style is the perfect spice to make everything nice.

So what’s next for Dyymond as she continues to paint the city? Next up she plans to create a similar event for her hometown Baltimore. “I want to bring the same energy to Baltimore. I feel like I owe them a show.” It's super dope how tuned in she is with her roots and giving back to the community.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, Dyymond invites you to come dance, celebrate, socialized, and be inspired. Sounds will be provided by Djkendollaz. Oh, and did I mention its sponsored by &Pizza? It is not too late to purchase your ticket at www.forhergallery.eventbrite.comso, you can still experience this amazing night of women’s excellence. Trust, it's an event you don’t want to miss.



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