The Musical Festival Miami Natives Dreamed Of: Rolling Loud Fest

The city of Miami long dominated by electronic dance music, this year’s rendition of the Rolling Loud music festival shifted the entire landscape of hip-hop music into the same stratosphere of electronic dance music Miami for years to come.

The third year of Rolling Loud fest was a extravaganza like no other, which brought on media heavyweights like Revolt TV to livestream the festival for the very first time. With special guest appearances by Diddy, Kylie Jenner, Skepta, Timberland, and many more paid a visit to enjoy great music along with 40,000 + concert attendees.

Artists Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Action Bronson, Key!, Chief Keef, Xxxtentacion, Denzel Curry, Joey Bada$$, Run the Jewels, Young Thug, and many more performed.

Their performance showcased the diversity and beauty of hip hop culture. Every emcee had a different style of rapping and it blended together perfectly.

Action Bronson even teased an upcoming album! It’s lit!

Rolling Loud fest keeps growing into a bigger phenomenon not only in hip hop but music culture every year. I hope it keeps growing and becomes a a pillar of positivity within the music community. It's a festival in beautiful weather where people can get lit and enjoy great music!

Check out a quick video from the festival below: