T.I. Set To Star In A New Thriller "Caller 100"


T.I. has teamed up with producer, Matty Rich of “Straight Out Of Brooklyn”  for a popcorn story of a DJ with a chance encounter of a female listener. The movie will be called “Caller 100” and it is described as a relationship-thriller.  The movie will mirror a 1971 picture by Clint Eastwood called “Misty For Me” in which T.I.’s character will be infatuated with this lady that calls into his radio show.


This project will be T.I.’s first breakout starring role but don’t think Mr. Harris isn’t staying busy. He has recently rapped up “Dolemite Is My Name” with Eddie Murphy.  He also played a role in Ant-Man as the getaway driver for a band of thieves, along with other roles. We are excited to see what all T.I. has going on this year as far as movies and music.