Matthew Knowles Is Planning A Destiny’s Child Musical


Matthew Knowles and director Je’Caryous Johnson have partnered up to create “Survivor: The Destiny’s Child Musical”.  The musical will start out back when the girls were 13 and recording their first album back in 1992. It will follow them through their career but from Matthew’s perspective on managing the girls and the day-to-day decisions that had to be made in order to further their career. Matthew will even talk about how he neglected Solange because he was so focused on the group.  “Solange wasn’t getting attention because Destiny’s Child was, kind of, consuming the family,” he added. “So the musical takes you through the ups and downs of a family, as well as Destiny’s Child’s ups and downs. You will be awakened with information that I think possibly surprises you.” 

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All of the members of Destiny’s Child have been asked for their input and perspective on how things went and have all agreed to contribute in some way. There will also be an album released when the stage play begins. Some of the ladies wardrobe from their performances will be displayed in the lobby of the musicals because Matthew wants you to have the full experience when you come to the show. The musical will start out in Houston and will make its way to Broadway in New York. Knowles is working to have the musical up and ready to go by February 2020. Matthew is also casting for the roles of the ladies so if you are interested in auditioning reach out to