A Look Into Offset: Father of 4 Album


This past Friday the last member of the Migos trio finally dropped his solo project titled “Father of 4.” With the title of the album being an ode to his role as a father, the album dives deep into more personal topics some may not have expected. From his upbringing in Atlanta, fatherhood, Cardi B, and his grandmother’s passing, Offset bares his soul on each track with a dope beat behind it.


From the very first track Offset taps into a poetic side by having Big Rube, rapper/producer/spoken word artist, begin the song with spoken word tailoring to his inner thoughts. Lines such as “How can I make choices I’ve yet to discover we have?” and “I am who you see… What you hear is part of me… But there’s so much more to me”, it’s quite evident that Offset is exposing a more personal side to himself. Overall the “Father of 4” song is dedicated to his children and some mistakes he may have made along the road of fatherhood.

He continues the album with a song dedicated to Cardi B titled Don’t Lose Me, beginning with a spoken apology and goes on to reflect on some of the decisions he’s made within their marriage. The North Star track features CeeLo Green with a chorus behind his vocals, which adds a gospel element to the collection. Other topics, such as racism, incarceration, and poverty are sprinkled throughout the album and the recurring topic of his grandmother’s death is also mentioned. Off the first mention of her, it’s apparent that her death takes a toll on him. At one point he even says that Kulture reminds him of her.


Overall the project is definitely worth listening to and if you are already a fan of the Migos, you won’t be disappointed. Fire beats and catchy hooks are the foundation of the project, as expected of the Atlanta native. Featured artists include J. Cole, Quavo, Cardi B, Travis Scott, etc. Each one adding a complimentary style to a specific track. Fans are already given a sneak peak of the possible creative direction from the album cover, but who knows what’s in store for song visuals. If you haven’t already go check out Offset’s new album, available on a variety of media platforms. 

Guest Contributor