Will Smith To Star As Genie In Disney’s 2019 Remake Of Aladdin


27 years later after the original Aladdin movie came out in November of 1992, Will Smith another one of our childhood favorites will star in the upcoming live-action remake. In Guy Ritchie’s directed musical romance he brings to life a live-action rendition of the Disney animated film from our childhood. If you recall in the original movie it followed a street rat by the name of Aladdin who then finds the lamp and frees the genie inside. Once evil finds out about the lamp it has other plans for the lamp and Aladdin’s love interest, Princess Jasmine. As Aladdin tries to save Princess Jasmine she is forced to love him for who he really is not what his 3 wishes make him appear to be just to impress her.


Will you be taking your kids or will you sneak in alone and sit in the back while you enjoy your childhood all over again?

The movie is slated to hit a movie theater near you on May 24th, 2019.  

Watch The Trailer Below:

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