Black Panther Goes Above And Beyond With Record Breaking Numbers In First Week!


After just one week being in theaters, Black Panther is one of Marvels biggest movies in recent years. The movie that made its debut Friday March 16th has already $100 million in its first weekend. This is one of the biggest deliveries in Marvels history including “The Avengers”.

The numbers don’t stop there in the past seven days it has went up to a whomping total of $292 million domestically which is $22 million more than “The Avengers”. Internationally the movie has made $228 million which brings it to a $520 million worldwide! These are some insane figures here and ones to definitely be proud of for the film.


It was projected to make $120 million over the Presidents’ Day weekend, but boy did it do well over that with $218 million which is the biggest opening for a black director. It also made a huge impact because it was the biggest debut of all time in the month of February.

It had a audience demographic of 37% black which singlehandedly go against the myth in Hollywood that blockbusters only cater to white males.


Overall the film was fantastic. Very well thought out and executed. It met all my expectations and then some. I enjoyed that it touched on love although it had some violence like many action films it wasn’t the focus. I also was very pleased to see the majority of the cast to be of color. I definitely would go see it again and give it 5 out of 5 stars. This is something that was for sure go down in history and deserves all the hype behind it. I think I’ll be taking my next vacation to Wakanda very soon!