A Cardi B. Album To Come In October!

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Quick stand-up interviews are the best when it comes to events or award shows. The rush of the room is so high that celebs just say ANYTHING. 

Last week during New York Fashion week, rapper Cardi B. was interviewed amongst a crowd. After naming all of the rap ladies she respects in the game, she says that her album is coming in October, the month of her birthday. Hey Libras! 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

Cardi was wearing the ensemble above.

“I have an album coming. It will be dropping in October. I’m an October baby…it’s like I’m a little nervous to put the project out…but I think it’s going to do pretty good.”

The interviewer then asked, “Why are you nervous?” 

“It’s a lot of pressure on me. Everybody is waiting to see what I’m going to have next and it’s like Oh, I hope people love it but, I have confidence.”

You should have confidence, Cardi. Cardi herself didn’t think “Bodak Yellow” would be where it is today but it has smashed the charts and has stayed number one for weeks! 

Photo Credit: Respect-Mag

Photo Credit: Respect-Mag

Can't wait, Cardi B. Creating gigabyte room right now! 



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