Plus, Multiply, Divide.

Last year the Thinking Out Loud singer, Ed Sheeran, took a well-deserved hiatus after finishing his world tour after dropping his sophomore album, X. Ed recently resurfaced on social media, and not only promised to drop one, but two songs as an apology for being away for so long. Keeping his word, last Friday, Ed released his two newest singles, Castle on The Hill and Shape of You.

Both songs have been a hit so far, and have been battling each other to claim the number one and two spots on iTunes. Not only that, but Ed has released a date for his third album, Divide. So ladies and gentlemen, set your calendars for March 3rd, because that’s when we’ll have a new Ed album.

Since coming back to social media and promoting his new album, Sheeran has been out giving us “a day in the life of Ed Sheeran,” which was a day he spent at Capitol 1, giving us insight into what goes on in his daily life. During this day, he was giving out advice to fans, his past self, and filling us in on what he’s been up to in the past year. He’s pretty sure he’s going to keep up with being lowkey on social media. Sheeran stated earlier that his New Year’s Resolution was to, “Carry on not using my phone. That was my last year’s resolution, and it got to the new year and I had my iPhone. I charged it up again, and I was just looking at it and I was like, nah, I’m alright.”

Sheeran also revealed he has new music for us for the next few years. He planned out 15 albums in 2009, and Divide is number 8 of the 15. As far as this mathematical theme going with his albums, he’s only got two more after this one, then a new theme begins. Stay tuned for more of Ed’s new music, and watch out for his new album, Divide, out March 3rd.