The Oddest Game Of Never Have I Ever

If you’ve ever seen an episode or two of Ellen, you’ll know one of her most popular, and sometimes scandalous segments is the Never Have I Ever game. Past celebrities include Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, One Direction and Jamie Foxx, to name a few of the people who’ve frequented Ellen’s set. This week, Ellen had a rather interesting group of people playing the game, Martha Stweart, Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dogg. Before starting the segment Ellen prompted to crew to be truthful, to which Snoop asked “Are there lie detectors attached to these paddles?”

On this episode's edition of Never Have I Ever, the questions were equally as scandalous as usually and of course, catered to the guests on the show. Ellen first prompted, never have I ever sexted, to which everyone but Ellen had answered yes to. Ellen tried to get her to speak about it and spill to who she has texted, but in true Martha Stewart fashion, she brushed it off, looked at her paddle and said, “hmm this doesn’t have a none of your business side.” Next was, never have I ever been in handcuffs. To this question both Snoop and Anna said they have, while Martha and Ellen have not. Ellen asked Anna was it for a movie, to which Anna replied”...that’s not what the question was. Then she asked, never have I ever been stoned on a talk show. This one you can guess, Snoop was the only one to say he had, proudly holding his paddle as high as he could hold it.

Never have I ever returned something to a store after wearing it was next. To this once again, Snoop was the only one to raise his paddle, claiming the shoes he bought hurt his feet. After that was never have I ever been to a nude beach. Martha and Snoop both have done thing, Martha  replying with “haven’t you ever been to St. Baths?!” But Ellen took the joke and replied with “Can’t say I have.” Never have I ever drunk dialed an ex was after this, both Ellen and Anna have. Anna side-eyeing Snoop and Martha, claiming they were the stronger side of the couch.Time ran out after the last question, but Ellen decided to ask one more just for fun, asking never have I ever used my fame to get out of trouble. For this one Ellen was the only one to not do this.

Definitely one of the funniest segments on Ellen, and I’m with Snoop Dogg, if they hurt my feet I’m returning those shoes! Tweet us @toomuchinfo___ and let us know what you thought!