The Incredible Nipsey Hussle

Photo Credit: @kodaklens

Photo Credit: @kodaklens

One week after Nipsey Hussle’s death, Hussle’s business partner and friend David Gross has been letting everyone know that he had multiple hustles, one that included a deal as part-owner of an upcoming resort in Las Vegas. This resort was set to open in 2020 and would have been named the “Virgin Las Vegas Resort”. Although we all know about Nipsey and how hard he was working to change his community along with other things, this isn’t much of a shock.

Gross and Hussle not only had several business ventures in the works the two just finished a documentary this past March that would have released this coming May explaining all their plans to invest and redevelop in the inner cities all over the nation.


David shared this comment about Nipsey via Instagram. “This moment deserves sharing because this was a full circle moment. The significance and symbolism of this was profound for both of us because this was us realizing the American Dream at a high level, we took different paths but both started with no money, connections or a legacy roadmap that got us to this moment “.

This is and will forever be a hard pill to swallow. We have to make sure we follow in Nipsey’s footsteps to continue to help one another, support and dream big. The Marathon Continues.