Oprah Teams Up With Prince Harry To Make A Documentary Series About Mental Health For Apple


As Americans are at a all time high dealing with mental health and depression, you would think it’s an issue that is easy to discuss. Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry are joining forces to create a documentary series to help millions cope with their mental health.

The series will air in 2020 on Apple TV and was produced and co-created by Winfrey and the Duke of Sussex. The goal is to inspire all while being honest about this hindering subject.


Oprah went on to say, “Our Hope is that it will have an impact on reducing the stigma and allowing people to know that they are not alone, allowing people to speak up about it and being able to identify it for themselves and in their friends.”

Harry has a longstanding commitment with the mental health issues that the show will build on. In 2017, he and his brother William launched the “Heads Together “ campaign in efforts to combat the topic.


This particular campaign leads a coalition of mental health charities in order to provide support for people affected by mental illness.Harry mentioned this on his Instagram…I truly believe that good mental health, mental fitness is the key to powerful leadership, productive communities and a purpose-driven self.”

With the climate being so stigmatized, right now is the perfect time to have a show that brings light to something either we are dealing with or know someone else is battling.

We are all hopeful that this will help put an end to everyone facing mental health alone and bring it to the surface get the proper treatment to get better.