Queen Latifah To Build $14 Million Housing Project In Her Hometown


Queen Latifah has pledged to buy back her community in which she was raised.  In May of 2018 Latifah professed her love for the neighborhood saying she was proud of being one of Newark’s own and that it was home.  Queen Latifah is currently co-president of Blue Sugar Corporation who have signed on for this Newark residential development. The plan is to build 20 townhouses and apartment buildings with  60 market-rate units and 16 affordable housing units.  The rental rate is said to be based on the tenant’s income, but you can also stay there at the market rate starting at $1800.  The location is also going to have a commercial space for nonprofit community  organizations and a fitness center.


Construction is set to be completed on the market rate apartments by 2020 and the affordable housing units will be completed by 2021. Now this is what you call giving back to your community.

Guest Contributor