Kanye West & Charlamagne Interview Recap

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“When you’re acting in love your like a drop of water and you have the ocean as you’re army, but when you’re acting in fear it’s just you in your money.”

This is just one of one of the many quotes I’ve took from this very enlightening and intellectual interview between radio personality Charlamagne and artist Kanye West. The one hour and forty five minute interview spoke on many topics that the world had been wondering about for quite some time now. He talked about his rants, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, his wife Kim, Jay Z the fallout between him and childhood friend Virgil Abloh, Nike, Yeezy and his hospitalization.

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Despite what people are saying about Mr. West at the moment, this is one of my favorite interviews hands down. I felt the emotion, confusion and realness of the conversation between the two. Surprisingly, I found some moments to be very humorous and funny, which showed Kanye’s warm and funny personality and less critical and literal side. I appreciated the fact that he expressed how certain moments in his life made him feel and how it still affects him to this day. One other thing that he mentioned that really stood out to me was that when Donald Trump became president it opened up his mind and made him think anything is possible. That an outsider with unconventional thinking  like himself could be in office.

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Kanye also mentioned that Yeezy will eventually be the biggest service provider of apparel. In five to ten years from now he will be building factories in Calabasas, California. The controversial and free thinker touched base on race as well. Charlamagne The God asked, “Why do we always need validation from white people, rich people?” Kanye responded “Our cape got taken when we was 3 years old, we broken, we in a simulation.”  This blew my mind when he said this amongst other statements he made throughout the sit down. He plans on creating a development/community on his 300 acres of land that he owns.

Charlamagne did a absolute stellar job on this interview. He asked all the questions I personally was curious about and all in a respectful manner. I may not agree with all of Kanye’s antics and things he says but after watching this I get what he saying and why he feels the way he does. This opened my eyes even more than before, not only to the world but how different we all are and how you can see things differently through your eyes versus the person next to you no matter race, age or sexuality.