Chance The Rapper: "Beyoncé Is A Better Performer Than Michael Jackson"

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When it comes to discussing the best entertainer of all time, it's always a battle between Beyonce and Michael Jackson. This past weekend Chance the Rapper, 24, gave the commencement speech at Dillard University in New Orleans; in which, he told the graduating class about the importance of being better than your predecessors, using Beyoncé and Michael Jackson as examples of pushing toward greatness.

“Today, I want to talk to you guys about greatness and what it means to live into your greatness without fear,” Chance began. “In order to do that, I need to talk to you guys about the greatest performance of all time, put on by the greatest performer of all time. But in order to do that, I gotta take you back. I gotta take you way back.”

He shared a story about doing a Michael Jackson performance at his preschool graduation in 1997. “They asked me to be Mike, and I delivered,” the rapper said. “Watching him taught me a lot of the lessons I try to carry with me as a performer today: Work hard, captivate your audience and above all never set any limitations on your own greatness.”

The Coloring Book rapper continued...

“We have a responsibility to be not as good as them or live up to their example, but to actually surpass them, even when it seems scary,” he said. “We have to overcome that fear and be greater than our role models.” He asked that they use Jackson’s dedication to becoming greater than his idol, James Brown, and Beyoncé becoming greater than the man who held the spot before her as a standard of what it looks like when good becomes great.

“Beyoncé’s performance was better than any performance Michael Jackson ever did,” he said. “We have to face the fear and stigma behind eclipsing our heroes…Some people might find this kind of talk disrespectful, but it’s exactly the opposite.”

Watch his speech below:

While many people disagree, there are some who will agree with Chance’s statement. Who do you think is the best entertainer of all time.

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