Did Fabolous And Emily B. Reconcile? Video Surfaces Of The Two At Coachella


Looks like Fabolous and Emily are deciding to put the past in the past and give love a second chance. If you remember, just last month the two went viral on Instagram after a video leaked revealing a very violent dispute between them. The video showed rapper Fabolous threatening Emily B and her father after a physical fight that took place inside their home.  Fabolous was charged with terroristic threats and aggravated assault.

Now the couple has been spotted passing by in the crowd full of fans booed up at the Coachella Festival in Los Angeles. So, are Fab and Emily back at it again? The answer is still unknown, but we do know ultimately, we just want to see Emily happy. It is not for us to judge them for wanting to put the past in the past no one truly knows what spiraled within their relationship. We just hope they're making the right decision and that peace and good energy be upon them.

Guest Contributor