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What a time to be alive! History was definitely in the making last week, with three major wins for Philadelphia. Not only did the Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl LII, Meek Mill’s “Dreams & Nightmares charted back at No.1 on iTunes too 100 charts and rapper AR-Ab won a bet winning 200,000 to Cash Money founder Birdman. To top it all off they celebrated their Super Bowl win with a massive parade yesterday in honor of them.

Hundreds of thousands lined up in their Eagles green to get a glimpse of the champs who rode on a double-decker bus downtown Philadelphia via the parkway. Coach Pederson carried the Lombardi trophy as the crowd cheered him and his team on and thanking them for an awesome game and win. Everything from schools, museums, government buildings and The Philadelphia Zoo were all shut down for this main event. 

Shortly after the Eagles hammered the Super Bowl on Sunday night against their rivals New England Patriots fans took to the internet to stream Meek Mill’s 2012 underdog album “Dreams And Nightmares” returned to No.1 on the iTunes Charts once more in celebration of such a miraculous and long awaited win. Philadelphia’s own “Kevin Hart”  along with wife “Eniko” was also in attendance of the big game in Minnesota cheering his team on. 

Photo Credit: The Source 

Photo Credit: The Source 

On top of that, we had another Philadelphia rapper come out on top. AR-ab made a bet with Birdman for 200,000 that the Eagles would win over the Patriots and they did! 

Being born and raised in Philadelphia I can say this is truly amazing and beautiful to see my city winning and coming together over greatness and not a loss. I’m so proud to be a Philly native and can’t wait to see where this leads us. CONGRATULATIONS PHILLY let’s keep it up!