Kylie Jenner Confirms Baby’s Surname

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived so there’s no more anticipation as to the official full name of Kylie and Travis's new blessing. Although many of us thought Kylie Jenner would keep the baby’s name a secret, similar to what she did with her pregnancy we now have confirmation of the baby’s full name and it doesn’t end with K as many of us would assume. 

When Kylie Jenner first shared a photo of her little bundle of joy with the world we were all excited to see it. Especially after waiting 9-months for her to announce her pregnancy. The image showed her baby girl grasping her mother’s hand as the caption read “Stormi 👶🏽”. Filled with suspense we could not help but wonder if Stormi could be a potential nickname or the first name of the beautiful baby girl. We also were not sure of the last name she would carry.

To refresh your memory, originally some thought the baby name would be Posie K. after a lip kit that was released on the day the baby was born. Others assumed the baby name was Mariposa, after a Spanish for butterfly since both parents have matching butterfly tattoos. But the official baby name is no longer under wraps as Kylie confirmed name by updating the caption of the baby photo to “Stormi Webster.” after Jacques Webster aka Travis Scott.

Photo C redit: Instagram

Photo C redit: Instagram

That's right baby Stormi will not be carrying on the Kardashian legacy or Jenner legacy for that matter. Sorry for those who had their hopes up. Talk about daddy's little girl! We are super happy for Kylie and Travis as they enter the new life of parenthood together. Congratulations to them both and welcome to the world Stormi Webster!   

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