Kevin Durant Sets Up Basketball Camps In India

Being an NBA fan in India even a decade ago would have made you feel like you’re alone. With few to no live games and little information, the world's biggest basketball league was basically on a another planet another planet.

This began to change since the NBA set up an office in India in 2011. NBA executives implementing developmental programs to nurture the sport. The league's latest outreach effort to India was last week's three-day visit by Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant.

"It is great to have someone like Kevin Durant come here. It means that we matter enough that the NBA is sending its best player to India," said Preshit Pawar, a member of the NBA Academy in the New Delhi suburb of Greater Noida.

21 of India's top teenage basketball prospects have been training since the facility opened in May. At a welcome party hosted by Bollywood star and NBA fan Abhishek Bacchan, Durant got down to the business of promoting basketball. He took part in a practice session with the NBA Academy players and ran drills with thousands of kids in a record-breaking event. He wrapped up his trip with a visit to India's beautiful tourist attractions. Great job Durant!