Keeping Up With Kylie!


As if Keeping Up With The Kardashians wasn't enough, Kylie Jenner has now gotten into the reality television mix. Kylie has a new show “Life of Kylie” that will be premiering August 6th at 10pm on E.

It's been reported that the producers and Kylie are going through a couple of hiccups with the show and Kylie’s attitude.


It has been in production for some time now due to Kylie not wanting to give away too much without coming off boring!

The show will be based on Kylie Jenner’s life of course and the things she does and struggles with on a daily basis as being a hot commodity these days.

The show would include Kylie interacting with her family and most importantly her celebrity friends and fans. She'll also be showcasing her many business ventures and just being a normal nineteen year old girl eating and hanging out.


Hopefully there won't be any conflicting issues with the new air date because fans very anxious to see what this Jenner/Kardashian has in store.