The Carter Twins’ Names Are…

The Carter twins have been reportedly named Rumi and Sir, and though they are just newborns, their parents are already thinking about trademarking their names for various merchandise, like teething rings, strollers and carriages. The twins were said to have been born on June 17th, shortly after Jay-Z and new big sister Blue Ivy were spotted at the hospital.

Rumors have already been speculating about why exactly Jay and Bey have decided to name the newest Carter’s Rumi and Sir, especially since Twitter just about lost their mind after learning the names. Rumi is thought to be in reference to a 13th century poet whose work has influenced all types of art for generations, there has never been a reference made about Rumi from either parent (that we know of,) but they may still be fans. In Japan, Rumi is also meant to mean beauty, flow, and water, which could be an homage to big sister Blue. Sir on the other hand, sounds very proper and distinguished, and could be a great name for a future rapper? If he chooses to follow in his father’s footsteps, it could be a big name in hip-hop one day.

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