UPDATE: Kendrick Lamar Responds To Little Sister’s Grad Gift Criticism

A month ago, the humble King Kendrick Lamar bought his little sis, Kayla Duckworth, a 2017 Toyota® Camry, a graduation gift. We covered that.

Some critics just couldn’t deal with a well-established rapper like himself buying Kayla just a Camry, taking their concerns to social media.

Here’s the update. Kendrick heard the critics questions and concerns…and laughed.

According to Complex, in an interview with radio host J. Cruz on Power 106 FM’s The Cruz Show, Kendrick finally gave a response to it all.

“They had me dyin’…I was crying laughing. I don’t know what they were expecting. A 16-year-old with no license to get a Lamborghini?”

J. Cruz follows Kendrick’s response with adding that maybe MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, a 05’ emerging show centered around sixteen-year-olds having the birthday of their dreams, could be a reason why so many think it’s normal for a moneymaker to cash out.

Kendrick says that little sis “has to fully learn how to drive first”.

That Toyota® Camry teaches her how to value and appreciate what she has and where she comes from.

Who could expect differently? Kendrick has made known that one of his first car experiences was with his mom’s van, the cover of his first studio album good kid, m.A.A.d. city.

It’s only right that he would humble and guide his little sis, not old enough to know of the struggles he faced around her age, also stated in the interview.

Even a Toyota ® representative tells TMZ that Kendrick’s purchase was “smart and thoughtful”. Camry’s are good on gas and built to last.

Kayla was happy when she got the car, posting all over social media. She’s humbled!

Kendrick needed no explanation for his humility, but for those who looked for it, there you go!  Enjoy the car, Kayla!