A Shaved Head: Keke Wyatt’s Bold Statement For Cancer

Singer and R&B Diva Keke Wyatt has shaved her head for her toddler battling Cancer.

This past weekend, Wyatt revealed that her child was battling Cancer, causing them to lose their hair. As a mother, Wyatt hurt along with her child. As a phenomenal woman, she shaved her head to show her child that they’re not alone.

Momma Keke is also not alone as her aunt and mother have both shaved their heads in support this week. Both are pictured below in selfies posted by Keke.

The last Keke has updated us this week was via Instragram saying: “Better Day!!! My baby is up walking around…praise God!!!”

Beautiful story. One day at a time. We hope to hear more updates of how the family is holding up as well as what Keke and her family do to raise awareness and comfort for children battling Cancer everywhere. You aren’t alone!