The 4-1-1 on ‘4:44’

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A ‘4:44’ ad with a salmon-colored background was seen in various subway stations and on billboards in New York.

This became the buzz on Twitter this week as fans thought the ‘4:44’ ad was about a new Jay-Z album. No one has confirmed that it is or isn’t. However, in the past day or two, Tidal partnered with Sprint and gave us a new piece to the puzzle… a visual.

During game 3 of the NBA Finals Championship (June 7), Tidal and Sprint teamed up to air a visual. It all started with Academy Award winner and actor of the film Moonlight, Mahershala Ali, exiting an elevator, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and giving a determined look.

The visual then cuts to Ali boxing the air in slow motion, sweat dripping from his body. Oop! Ali boxes with a punching bag being held by Danny Glover, best known for his role as ‘Mister’ in The Colored Purple. A piano and slow-tempo beat plays during the entire visual and the actors have no speaking lines.

Towards the end, the visual shows the ‘4:44’ ad. Even though Ali and Glover are the only two you see in the visual, this text below was left at the end.

So here’s what we know so far:

This visual was giving to us by a partnership of Tidal and Sprint.

Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years a Slave and Danny Glover star in it.

Does that mean that Jay-Z is completely uninvolved? *Kanye shrug* Still, the thought that Hov could be returning soon isn’t too far-fetched.

According to The Verge, Jay-Z has owned Tidal music streaming services (along with WiMP) since 2015. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he were involved. The visual adds more to what Tidal and Sprint might be cooking up for us. Is it a film? It is a music video? The real.

Jay hasn’t dropped an album in 4 years since Magna Carta Holy Grail and he’s been spotted several times in the studio. Jay-Z is also no stranger to dropping new music or hints around the time of the NBA finals.

According to Yahoo! Music, Swiss Beatz posted a photo with Jay via Twitter captioned “They don’t even know what’s about to happen, Album ModeZone”, that was around May 4th this year. There goes that ‘4’ again!

Jay has also been spotted in an Instagram photo with Zaytoven, an Atlanta record producer and creator of ZaytovenBeatz. He and Jay posed in the studio and Zay captioned the flick, “JAYTOVEN”, that was last year.

What we have now is just another piece to the puzzle. View the full visual in the Twitter account below and stay tuned!