Kendrick Buys Little Sis A Car!

Get your tissues, because this story is a tear-jerker…

Kayla Duckworth, the little sister of rapper Kendrick Lamar, got the cutest grad gift from him to her…a silver 2017 Toyota Camry!

This week, Kayla graduated from high school and big bro Ken definitely wanted to bless! Little sis thanked him in a Twitter post the same day.

K-Dot not only gave the greatest gift, but, he was also in attendance at Kayla’s graduation. Just imagine attending a family member’s graduation and spot a MC legend walking in! *screams*

Of course, some negativity comes with a positive move. Some questioned the rapper’s car choice. Some fans questioned on social media, “why not buy a more expensive car?” and “Why not a Maserati or a Lamborghini with butterfly floors?”.

To the negativity, we say in the words of Ken himself, BE HUMBLE…sit down.

Kendrick did the right thing, fans believe. The Toyota Camry is new and reasonable for a high school grad. No need to spend too wild and either way, Kayla appreciated it!

Kendrick lives by his word to be humble and made sure Kayla got the message too.  

Among those who thought that a well-known rapper should get his high school grad even a helicopter (Why…just why?) as a gift, there were other fans who thought Ken did better by not splurging too hard as it is common to do as an entertainer.

Kayla has a beautiful story of her own. Kayla was 13 years old when she got pregnant, birthing a daughter. Despite that, she still pressed her way through school and graduated EARLY. How’s that for positivity and motivation?! She thanked her mom via IG.


The grad poses below with Momma Duckworth kissing her cheek. Congrats, Kayla! One question…does Kayla have bars like big bro? The gift has GOT to be hereditary!