Janelle Monae In New Sci-Fi Series

Singer turned actress, Janelle Monae has been pushing through with the acting roles and will be adding another television role under her belt as she is set to appear in an episode of the new sci-fi series ‘Electric Dreams’, based on author Philip K. Dick’s short stories according to Deadline.

The ‘Hidden Figures’ actress along with ‘Vinyl, The Dark Knight Rises’ actress, Juno Temple will have lead roles in the “Autofac” episode. The episode is set in a time after society collapses and humans must consume products to stay happy. In order to be able to consume products, humans are denied free will. However, a single factory that manufactures the products is shut down by rebels.

Janelle will play representative Alexis, while Temple will portray rebel Emily. Other cast members joining this episode includes Jay Paulson and David Lyons.

 Philip K. Dick’s “Electric Dreams” will air later this year on Amazon’s streaming service in the U.S.