Remy Ma To Fund For Women Battling Fertility Issues

In the past season of Love & Hip Hop: New York, the world became the audience of a very touchy and private topic in the life of a woman.

Rapper, Remy Ma and Rapper Papoose openly revealed to us that Remy had suffered a miscarriage and was not able to endure natural childbirth. Her story shook TV screens and left viewers hurting along with her.

There was a bright side and now, she plans to start a fund for ladies just like her!

In a video interview, Remy told Essence,

“Women who are like me, or have a similar situation as me, but they can’t afford it, could possible get procedures done and have children, because as a woman, that’s one of the things you can do that no other being can do.”

This is what she anticipates her fund to be about, helping women who see their childbirth complications as never-ending.

Remy’s doctor told her that there was nothing to stress about because for a “certain amount of thousands of dollars” it can be fixed.

The doctor told her, and now she’s telling other women, IT CAN BE FIXED. Thank you Remy, for your open honesty needed to heal many hearts of those battling this same issue. We hope to hear more about her fund soon to keep you updated. Stay tuned!